Thursday, September 30, 2004


I am supposed to attempt to focus on being comfortable with myself. This is a struggle for me because I obsess and fester over things, when I really just need to get over myself. If anyone has tips on letting things go please throw them my way. For example blogging seems fun, a way to connect with my friends and whatnot, but I set it up a few days ago and haven't posted til today because I was all worried and thought I would look like a dork, but I have calmed down now mostly because I realized no one is probably going to read this other than my few friends who already know I'm a dork and still seem to like me. My closest friends seem to all be either traveling and experiencing new places or reaching these milestones in life whereas I'm at a bit of a standstill, so the problem is probably that I have too much time on my hands.
Along with typing this I'm reading about Dr. Phil's show yesterday on add and adhd, which blends nicely with a meeting I went to today introducing a new medication we might use at work (I work for a homecare facility, in case anyone doesn't know or cares, and no, I'm not a nurse) that has been around for years to help prevent preterm delivery. Very interesting in fact because it got me to thinking about modern medicine, medications, side effects, what drugs are made of, how they really affect our bodies, how MD's prescribe them w/o much thought, or even knowledge of a patient cause I also read an article today about how patients are always seeing different doctors and also lying. As well as who volunteers, or gets volunteered to be the gunea pigs for testing drugs, like especially if you're pregnant. But anyways I would like to motivate myself to be more aware of natural rememdies, I picture the what are they called ...apothecary's or something, or medicine poeple out there gathering plants and berries and things and it just seems so pure and good.
So with that and the lecture I attended with my good friend Jenni, I have almost reached the threshold of intellectual stimulation for the week, since I'm out of school now and don't really use my brain.
I had hoped to figure out how to link to Dr. Phil's page without it looking like a link, but failed.