Friday, August 29, 2008


Praise the Lord for creating the Everybodyfields, I am in love with them, have been for a few months now.

No rest for the weary, been a hectic coupla weeks, in a good fun-having sort of way. Was blessed to be able to go to Chi town last weekend to bask in the presence of Sally Poppins and MS flava. Camping this weekend in Madeline Island where we'll patronize the Island Oasis and hang with Bud. I'll get to be an honorary member of the Pupovac family which makes my cup runneth over.

Good thing I don't have children, although I'm thinking about starting a mommyblog regaling my experiences as a pretend mother with fictitious children.

Househunting again, yearly moves are surely draining. I enjoy looking for/at places though, unfortunately most places we've looked at so far have been a bit dissapointing. Mostly we've noticed just a general lack of upkeep with these places making them look kinda dingy, but do have some features that we like. Nothing has wowed us so far except a beautiful home in a nearby suburb that is flipping on a lake, but the location is just too tucked away for us. Ah well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the stench is lifting?

As I take a deep sniff of the air surrounding me, I find that the stench of my funk is not as pungent as it was mere months ago. The self-loathing not as constant and severe. I wish I could attribute this to my semi-regular shrink appointments, but I think it is more a matter of time (healing wounds and such) and sunlight and warmth. Mind you, I still have plenty of bouts of feeling that I am a loser at life and also fat, but that is more a dull drone in my mind rather than a drone that also sucker punches me a few times a day. My shrink said something enlightening at my last appointment..."You just don't seem to like yourself". I suppose it's the dysthymia.

I've been OBSESSED with baking blogs lately. This hasn't led me to do any more baking than I normally do, but I have an itch to, if only I weren't so lazy. I did try my hand at some raspberry brownies though that didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped.

Pretty sure I ate more than I ever have before at the State Fair the other night. Brandi Carlile was playing at the free stage and as we walked by and saw the enormous crowd of people who were listening to what I thought sounded to me like cheesy Christian pop/rock, we (or I for sure) was pretty perplexed about how this person drew such a large crowd. We continued on to the haunted house as planned and then proceeded to cap the night with a beer and some bull bites as per tradition. After I forced down the last bite, we were still puzzling over who the singer was, which Kristen figured out to be Brandi Carlile after a familiar song started playing. In any case we decided to check out what all the fuss was about and heard the final song, her big hit, before the encore, then a bunch of people left and we decided to "get in on the action" and enjoyed quite a pleasant encore with just her and her guitar/keyboards (much preferable to her with the band), and she's got quite a voice. I think I might like her. I wish I had some more excitement to report regarding the fair, but it was your usual eat way too much, look at some animals, go through the haunted house, etc. We did look at some crop art, but missed the fine art and creative activities building. I also had some excellent wine ice cream. The State Fair fills my heart with joy.