Monday, October 31, 2005

what a spooktacular day

more like just a regular day, and I don't plan on participating in any Halloweenish activities today. I do get to dress up as a sadistic nurse this coming weekend for our murder mystery party. What's really spooky is that I made it to work on time this morning, I even washed my hair.

This morning Betsy and I were looking at the neighborhood crime report and pondering the difference between burglary, larceny, and robbery...apparently larceny is theft w/o force or illegal entry, burglary is breaking and entering, and robbery is theft with force or threat of force...thanks to google. It appeared a residence was burgled very near to our own home, we also had a good chuckle over saying the word burgled.

I had the pleasure of spending some refreshingly quality one on one time with my dear friend Jenni last night. Been missin' that 'ol gal.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

mundane details of my lame weekend

Trying to restrain myself from singing along to the Dylan song on the radio, so as to not to subject the others' in the office to my lacking vocal talent, it is proving to be rather difficult though. Alyssa told me I should just belt it out and no one would mind.

Would've been a lovely night to go to a Halloween party last night, had Cassie not been so lame...and had I had a bit 'o courage to go by my lonesome. So I spent an exciting evening at home with Felicity, Ben, Noel and Co., started the fourth and final season, also had a lengthy chat with Fujipants.

Friday, October 28, 2005


on Six Feet Under...just started the second season last night with Cassie and Sarah, at least we make it a social event. How many series can one be hooked on at one time, currently I'm at about 4, I don't know where that falls in comparison to other TV watchers.

My review went very well, I got a nice raise and I should be receiving a decent chunk of money due to retro pay. My manager is the best really, she did mention that I should be more aware of my time spent online and I of course had to agree, but other than that she was very complimentary.

Just confirmed plans to go to my sister's for thanksgiving in CO, my other sister will also be there with her family and my brother and I will drive out together. My niece or nephew should be born any day now, I'm hoping it's a girl. It should be quite an event; 6 adults, four kids from ages 2-5, one newborn, and about 20 cats.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

i suck, u suck

Still feeling like a major jerk/chump. I tried to apologize in the best manner I knew how, but to no avail...ah well, what can you do.

Roomate Betsy and I bonded last night watching commentary on Purple Rain...we concur that Prince looks like a bad kisser in that movie, although he is still undeniably sexy.

Have my job review today...chose to be an hour late to work this morning not knowing that I'd have my review, not that it should matter too much, as in I'm certain I won't be punished for it. Was out a little late enjoying the sucky bands at the Uptown, had been a good while since I'd been there. I used to frequent there when I lived mere blocks away, to hear the more often than not crap bands that played tue. and wed. cover free.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

oh boy

I screwed up and am feeling rather shitty about it, meaning I said (or wrote rather) something that hurt someone else, and there is really no way of me justifying it, so I just have to stew in my sorry state.

Monday, October 24, 2005

can I choke the cat please? (Olivia)

I'm tired, and I'll tell you why (if you care) because the cat was sporadically scratching on the litter box throughout the night, this is a very irritating sound, and I'm fairly certain that the cat has it out for me. I eventually decided I didn't care if the cat went potty elsewhere and shut the bathroom door so I could get some sleep (although I guess it would have made sense to move the litter box). Of course then they proceeded to run about in frisky delight. Don't worry Olivia, I won't choke your cat, in fact I'm sure she'll look at me with her sweet face and all will be forgotten.

Apparently I'm in a bitchin' and moanin' mood.

Debbie gave an excellent sermon last night, a synopsis by me wouldn't do it justice but it was good stuff.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I implore you to please shut up...please?

Sitting at work mid-morning on a sunday, total of five people in the office, one of which being my co-worker who has decided that everyone cares about every detail of her life, which consists of her working, going to school, or being at home with her dogs, and now her newfound passion for finding a townhouse. A while back, when I sat near a window and was not so depressed because I had rays of sunshine draped on my person for most of the day...I sat next to said co-worker and could handle her incessant talking, then I was moved, not far away, but enough so that one would think that the jabbering could be avoided easily. Not the case, not when her voice is so loud that I could scrunch up in the freezer and freeze to death and still probably hear her, hear her tell her stories over and over again to anyone that crosses her path, or anyone she seeks out to tell, basically I hear the same things approximately 20 times a day. She can't even get the fucking townhouse for months! months! please SHUT UP ABOUT IT! and your dogs too while your at it. She tried to talk my ear off when I got here but I managed to dissuade her, and it helped that I had to answer the phone.

I had my first official outing with roomate Betsy, she scored free tickets to the theater that her ex works at, so we went and saw Antigone. It was good, a little umm, different, but good, I imagine Greek tragedies are difficult to pull off. At one point the prophet dude pulled a goat head out from under his cloak, it was rather random and funny.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I shoulda

after pondering my car situation, I really shoulda just given up on my car and bought Todd's, after they already did the exhaust work, they informed me that the T-rod something or another needs to be replaced which would be an additional three hundred or so (which I decided to wait on), so the grand total to fix my car would have been just about as much to buy Todds newer car with far less miles and a working radio, even a CD player! I'm a little bummed about not putting more thought into this. Oh well, my car may not have any tunes, but it does have character.

I met the musician/boring guy for coffee last night and he turned out to not be boring. He was outgoing, very stable kind of guy, very friendly, good-looking, so not a bad time at all. So far every guy I've met has been very decent, can't complain at all.

My possible rant was about friendships...I mean I love all my friends so I want none to take this personal (you know who you are), but I think it's pretty obvious friendships take effort on both sides...if you want the frienship to last of course. It's the ol' talk vs. action. and which speaks louder.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

yeah, that's right

Sorry all you fans out there, haven't had time to write much...

Jenni, I had a great time with you the other night...

Car is fixed, life is good, possibly will have a rant for tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

oh come now

I'm fine, really I am.

My car is making some weird sound now in addition to the muffler falling off. Fantastic, I will find out the verdict on thurs when I get my oil changed I suppose.

I think I need to tell Jenny P. that I am not going to her wedding this winter. She is getting married in Jamaica and I really don't see how I'll be able to afford it, but I think she has high hopes for me being there. She offered to pay for my passport, but I have a hard time taking her money and then down the road not being able to go. She is my oldest friend, but well, when one decides to get married in another country, one should not have high expectations for attendence.

Monday, October 17, 2005

self-proclaimed lame artist

that's me, whilst spending time this weekend at the art crawl, it was reinforced how lame I am as an artist, or lack of artist, since I make zero art these days. Whether or not I will be inspired to make something is yet to be seen. I did make a connection (sorta) with the guy that I previously blogged about that owns a gallery in Mpls. that I sorta had a crush on way back when, I had bummed him a smoke at the local shop a few weeks ago and so he recognized me and I impressed him with my fantastic memory (when really, I noticed him there since I'd seen/crushed on him at his gallery, though I can't say I'm still crushing on him now.)

Anyways, from my so far adventures in internet dating I have learned...
-Having as few expectations as possible is a very good thing
-It takes up time, time that I often would/like to spend alone
-I have issues

I was also confronted about being bitchy this weekend by a certain friend who shall remain nameless, have to admit that my feelings were a little hurt, not to say I'm not or haven't been bitchy, because I am/have been, but I thought I had restrained myself lately, seeing as how the issue I was bitchy about isn't really an issue in my mind anymore if that makes any sense. If you'd like to know how I really feel.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

you'd think they'd be smarter

those RN's, but they keep making the same mistakes over and over, so I have to fix them, they also don't chart completely which makes that a little difficult sometimes.

I had a good time last night with the german guy (he's not really german, just been living there for the past year or so), good conversation anyways.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

so proud

The Bransen family really was impressive last night, way to go folks!, first place and free gas.

ummm, well, I've been so busy lately I haven't even had time to sit and watch an episode of felicity. This also leaves me little time to ponder life.

Olivia, thanks for the goodies and the fun letter, miss you!

Monday, October 10, 2005

cheesy music and cheesecake

Maybe it's because Wisconsin is known for it's affinity for cheese, but something about driving through that state makes listening to cheesy music not only bearable, but enjoyable, not to mention a revival of passion for classic rock. I had a lovely time with Cassie and her family in the windy city, witnessing the gritty aspects of her family dynamics, but still feeling very welcomed as a honorary family member for the weekend. The exhibit was excellent, although I took too much time at the beginning and felt rushed toward the end since the museum was closing. The marathon was thrilling, Eli kicked ass and I was very impressed with all who participated. My only complaint was not seeing Sally and Co., and having to burden myself onto Cassie's fam for the entire time, who I observed are very loud and very different from my own family. Cassie hid the fact that she was snacking on cheesecake on the ride home and apologized later for not sharing with me, knowing of my deep love for cheesecake. Fortunately someone brought in cheesecake to work today.

German boy had to cancel on me tonight due to illness, so we rescheduled for wed., I'm a little dissapointed, but oh well.

Friday, October 07, 2005

my #1 fan

Looking at my site meter, I am my own #1 fan, and I guess that is rightly so, if you aren't you're own #1 fan, how can you expect anyone else to be a fan.

German guy does not hate me and we have plans for monday. I've also been emailing some musician guy that although he's a musician so far has seemed fairly boring, he writes in very simple sentences anyways, but he claims to have dated Sheila E's little sister, but hasn't met Prince, only been in the same room with him, what a dissapointment.

I'm anticipating a fun filled weekend in Chicago with Cassie, and I should be able to set eyes on Sally, Beth, and MS Flava, look at some good art, and maybe eat a hot dog.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

thrown out

I decided if I had no idea what a bunch of numbers on a post-it meant, that it was probably safe to toss it. What if inanimate objects had feelings, what if your purpose was meant to be disposable, like a post-it. Would you try to relish the time you have, fulfilling your duty to the best of your ability, or just half ass it thinking nobody was willing to see your true worth so why even try.

If any of you (Olivia) might be curious about what has come about from my personal ad, I will update y'all. I've hung out with brunch guy since we had brunch a couple times, since he likes punk and is punkish I will call him punk boy. I think we could have a really great relationship if it was strictly online, since we exchange witty and entertaining emails, but in real life I'm not so sure as he is almost in my too weird category (the majority of guys that show interest in me are in this category). Punk boy is definitely weird, but also very smart and nice, not bad looking, and appears to like me a lot, so I am not opposed to hanging out with him at this point.

I met a guy for ice cream on Sat. not expecting much since we didn't email about anything but smalltalk, but he has only lived here a couple months and was looking to meet people here so I agreed to meet him. Physically he was actually more attractive than I thought he'd be, so I was pleasantly surprised in that regard. He was also very nice, talking wasn't too uncomfortable, but overall he kinda bored me.

I had also been exchanging emails with a guy who is currently in Germany for grad school but is from Mpls. With him I've exchanged deeper emails covering religion and relationships mostly, and I am excited to meet him as he returns to MN this week and we are supposed to hang out next week. However I haven't heard from him in a few days so either he's busy preparing for his return or he hates me, which I'm more inclined to think because I'm insecure and freakish like that, even though he has no reason to hate me, and in his last email actually seemed excited to meet me as well.

Since I didn't respond at all to about 95% of my responses figuring I don't have time to keep track of everyone and then meet people and whatnot, that's about it. There were some that intrigued me that I sorta regret not responding to, but oh well, maybe I missed out on the love of my life, that's how it goes sometimes.

Other than my coffee shop crush who I'm trying to pretend to myself that I'm no longer interested in, the guy I really want to see again is the cute guy that talked to me last week as I was going to my car. Hmmm, maybe I can post a missed connection on CL and see what happens....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

doing the moron dance

My car was towed this morning, I only carefully read the sign that said 1 hr parking from 9 am-6 pm, since I parked at 8 pm and was going to leave for work by about 8 am, I decided it was all good, had I carefully read the other sign that said no parking from 7-9 am, I would have avoided towing. I feel dumb and rather pissed at myself for being stupid. I should just learn to love being poor because I'm ridiculously moronic when it comes to money, embrace it.

I really like Betsy, I definitely lucked out with my roomate situation, she's wicked cool.

ugh, I'm such a moron.

Monday, October 03, 2005

missing out

I think I may miss the corn maze again this year.

It was a beautiful weekend weather wise. My brother was up in the cities for his b-day on Sat. and so I got to meet all his wacky friends who were quite entertaining. I decided to opt out of going to bondage night at ground zero, something about seeing my brother spanked didn't really appeal to me. He turns 30 this year, thirty is just around the corner for me, how scary.