Monday, February 09, 2009


So next week I head to Chicago to have my JET interview, I'm quite excited that I at least made the first cut. Of course I'm a tad nervous, as I hear the program is pretty competetive, and I've also read that I should know a fair amount about Japan and it's history and also American history...and I know next to nothing about either. I dunno, I don't interview well, I am not a quick thinker who can easily come up with either a genuine or BS answer on the spot. I also don't like to talk about myself and sure don't do well at "selling" myself either, seeing as how I am generally under the assumption that almost anyone else can do the job better than I can. So I've ordered a couple books on Japan in the hopes of learning some goodies, and will attempt to pump up my confidence and acknowledge that I am a competent individual. A lot of me hopes I get accepted and finally move on to something bigger and better that will allow me to travel while actually making a decent living, while a part of me hopes I don't get accepted because I'm comfortable and have a home and a job and if I stick around I'll still have friends and they won't forget about me because I'll be gone for a year or two.

I keep thinking about baking yeasted bread type things. I wish I wasn't so lazy, I seriously laid around like a sloth in my own stench most of this past weekend and accomplished absolutely nothing other than gorging on unhealthy foods, oh wait, I saw "He's Just Not That Into You" after which I resumed my post on the sofa and watched more Northern Exposure instead of party-going as I had planned. The movie didn't do much to dispel women's romantic hopes and delusions, but it was funny. Meanwhile I have craploads of hobbies that I want to embark on, and I should maybe like, read or something.