Saturday, October 28, 2006

just too old

Something really strange happened to me last night. After work, I went to Ikea, realized I could not yet afford what I came there to buy, but yet managed to find other things to buy that I hadn't planned on at all, whoever came up with the whole Ikea concept is a genius. Anyways, that wasn't the strange thing, I went home, rang our doorbell because my key had broken the previous evening. Nobody answered the door, so I rang the other 2 apartments and still noone answered so I stood there thinking absolutely nobody in our whole entire house was home and what I should do in the meantime (I didn't have my cell on me otherwise I would've called). One of the dudes from upstairs arrived while I was working this through in my mind though so I stopped entertaining that thought, thanked him, and went upstairs to find that pretty much everyone I live with was home, 4 people who could've answered when I rang. I'm pretty sure they just couldn't hear me over the Al Green blasting on Betsy's Ibook. This wasn't the strange thing. I proceeded to do a bit of organizing of my room, then decided to watch my netflix, probably fall asleep, and possibly go to a party later with Betsy, but we were both undecided as I have to work this weekend and she was playing soccer. So, I put in the movie, at this point it is about 10 p.m., and this is the strange thing, I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP WHILE WATCHING THE MOVIE. I have absolutely no idea how this happened, I was alone, I was feeling tired, the lights were out, the movie was decent but not particularly great, other than at the theater, during midday, and when watching the first "The Lord of the Rings" have I not fallen asleep while watching a movie.

I did not go to the party which by the time Betsy got home I was pretty torn between being tired and having to get up early for work, and going to see Mike, the thrower of the party, who I think is keen. I probably would have drunkenly tried to seduce Mike and been unsuccessful because he A. has a girlfriend who he apparently loves, and B. I'm a huge nerd. I also have a party to attend to tonight, and I'm too old now to be partying the entire weekend when I'm working.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

crisis averted...or how Cassie got the fucker out of the fire

Cassie and I narrowly avoided death last night, or at the very least horrible disfigurement. This little tale will probably only remain funny to Cassie and I based on the reaction to the retelling of the story to Jenni and Carissa, but oh well, here goes. So we (Cassie, Carissa, Jenni and myself-oh and Todd too) were out at Carissa's (a.k.a the Suburban retreat center) for dinner. Todd was being anti-social, and us ladies had started a fire in the fire pit out on the deck, enjoying some beer and chatting away about highly intellectual things because we are very smart. At some point in the evening Cassie and Jenni go inside for a stint and Cassie and I are engaged in some juicy girl talk. All of the sudden a log just leaps out of the fire onto my shins! (in all actuality, I think Cassie was prodding the logs and it kinda fell out). After I take a second to figure out that I should move away from the burning log, I jump up, Cassie jumps up, grabs a couple sticks and tosses the log back in the fire. Now we have to attend to the fact that there are little bits of burning embers all over the deck so we go to work hopping and stomping til all the embers are out, knocking a bottle of beer and an ashtray over in the process. After completion of the task at hand we are able to sit down and seemingly relax, take a breath and in fact have a little chuckle. Cassie tosses a few sticks off the pile to build the fire a little and as we resume chatting, she suddenly notices that the lighter (one of those big long one's) had been tossed into the fire as well and she points at it and says "Fuck, the fucker's in the fire, the fucker's in the fire!" Cassie, being the hero that she is and maintaining her cool, reached into the fire, grabbed the lighter and threw it into the lawn. She and I then have an enormous chuckle, and ponder how we almost set the house on fire and also could have possibly been blown up, which isn't really funny if you think about it, but it sure seemed funny last night, and I'm still having a chuckle here and there today.

Anywho...I'm making friends at school, sorta. I mean, we haven't hung out during non-school time, but I do feel as though I'm liked by the cool girls in class. I remember when I had my first college experience and I didn't really have any friends til like, my junior year, other than Fujipants and people I had known from my hometown.

Work had been a real bitch this week, I had asked my co-workers to do the one piece of my work that has to be done every day last week while I was gone. Of course when I returned on Mon. nobody had done any of it and I've been playing catch up, which is difficult since I have school mon. and wed. afternooon and all day tues. I could also bitch about how I'm treated like a peon, and etc. and etc. but I'll restrain myself.

Monday, October 23, 2006

there are no words really

Such a lovely jaunt to the bigger city this past weekend, seeing good friends, seeing good friend's mothers, and eating a lot of ice cream. If I could figure out how the heck to get my pictures uploaded on this old beast of a laptop well, that would be nice now wouldn't it.

But now, I am sleepy, and hopefully the tools next door will keep it quiet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I live near a bunch of tools

Again I was awoken shortly after 2 a.m. by my drunken neighbors, just screaming shit into the night for entertainment without regard for the fact that there are likely people sleeping that do have to get up early. I even went to bed at a decent time thinking, "swell, I'm going to get a good nights sleep for once". I had to open my window and do my own screaming into the night alerting our neighborbly douchebags to the fact that some people like to sleep at that hour, I mean, I hate to be a buzzkill, and a little drunken laughter and noise is understandable and acceptable, but some respect to the sober and sleeping would be nice. It also happens on a semi-regular basis.

Reunited with our old buddy old pal Olivia this very evening! I'm quite excited.

Monday, October 16, 2006

good news

Of her own accord, our roommate Sarah is moving out. Apparently she's been planning on it because she said she's already been looking for a place with a couple of her friends. We already have another potential roommate to take her place. I feel slightly bad that it didn't work out, but mostly relieved and do think we will all be happier as a result.

Well, I got cancelled on again, apparently the brit fell ill this morning, had to leave work and is recovering. I'd like to not take it personal, but the fact that we've been trying to make plans now for almost 3 weeks is leaving me kinda jaded. He did apologize profusely, so I don't know. I'm not super hot and heavy for him so it's not much sweat off my back, but still, it's a little odd.

I'm turning over a new leaf

I've noticed a titch of negativity in my recent postings, bitching about this, that, and the other, the other mostly being other people such as my roommate or co-workers. So I'm going to try to be more merciful and understanding, to "turn over a new leaf" if you will. I especially feel bad since I apparently wrongly accused Sarah of breaking my frame when apparently she did not, and she did apologize to me for breaking my frog after I brought it up to her, I'm over it now.

Big things ahead, outing with the brit tonight, Olivia returns on Wed., and Cassie and I head to Chicago on Thu., where it is certain much fun will be had, and at least one hot dog will be consumed.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

not only

Not only was there no apology or even acknowledgement regarding my broken item(s), but as I suspected, I had to clean all the broken bits up myself. One thing that was broken was a ceramic frog, which granted I didn't really even like that much, but Sarah told Betsy that she broke it, but that it wasn't her fault and that I would figure it out. I just don't understand her, I guess if she doesn't feel sorry, then she shouldn't apologize, but at least take enough responsibility to clean it up, does this not make sense?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

ranting and ranting

I sent out a slightly snarky email to the nurses I work with yesterday, because I was just frustrated that we tell them you have to do these simple things because if you don't then the work required to fix it done by the office staff is very time consuming. We've been on our "new" computer system for well over a year, they should know the system by now but gee williker, some "just forget" or are "just bad" at completing their charting. It's always the same people and it never improves and I just don't understand why they aren't expected to step up their work as it seems silly to me that forgetfulness is an constant excuse. That wouldn't fly for office staff. Now I feel bad because one of them sent me an email saying she's sorry for making more work for me, and she's such a nice person. It wasn't my intention to make people feel bad, it's just this is what you are supposed to do, I don't see it getting done, if I don't say something it will never improve sort of thing.

Anyways, enough about work. Last night I went to Jenni and Todd's to partake in the art crawl with them and Cassie, and ended up staying there, which I had kinda planned on since our roommate Sarah was having her friends over for dinner and games. Well, I get home this morning and 2 of my things are broken and I'm like gee, that's really nice, not only are they broken, but nobody cleaned up the broken glass or anything. Neither one is really valuable, a knick knack that I didn't like anyways and a cheap picture frame, but what bothers me is that I'll likely end up cleaning it up myself, and probably whoever broke it will offer to replace it, but I'll likely end up doing it myself.

Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm having a really tough time staying awake right now, the coffee isn't doing anything for me, and I just ate a delicious piece of carrot cake so I'm probably having a sugar crash, or maybe I have narcolepsy.

I was just on the receiving end of condescencion by one of our lovely nurses. I realize I'm the same age as her children, but that doesn't mean that I deserve to be treated like a whiny 5 year old for merely asking her a question that enables me to do my job. She said to me in an irritated tone "sweetie, I can't look that up right now I need to take care of this other thing right now". Yeah, I wasn't hanging on your leg begging for an f-ing candy bar, I was asking a simple question that only you can answer. I would have appreciated something along the lines of "I need to take care of this, but I'll help you in a minute" or something more adult like, since I am one. Well, I guess the end is near.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I've been postponed

Potential outing with the brit was cancelled for the evening, he just got a new job and apparently he has training tonight after his regular job (as a mechanic). So potential outing has been moved to monday because he "does really want to get together". I'm tempted to blow him off as being flaky, but, well, that accent (and he seems to genuinely want to hang).

why ease into it?

I agree, I think it's a great idea to just jump head on into winter, like ripping a band aid off, except the pain lasts for months instead of a few moments. Really though, those of us who live in the northern regions were really being coddled by mild fall weather, I mean, we choose to live here right? Clearly we must enjoy whipping winds and bundling up so lets just skip over that other crap, who needs average highs in the sixties, lets get those flurries going, who doesn't love snow.

Roommate Betsy is obsessed with the Detroit Cobras, and on Sun. night she, roommate Kathleen and myself went to see them at a local venue. Our friend Mike also joined us ( I shamelessly flirted with Mike at our party the week prior despite him being in a serious relationship-I was more than tipsy, I don't normally condone such behavior, in any case I was feeling a bit of residual embarrassment, but Mike is cool so I really shouldn't have worried about it). Anyways, after the show Kathleen and I booked it to the car because it was really cold out and we were really tired. Meanwhile Mike, being a regular attender at said venue, took Betsy to the room where the band hangs out so she got to meet the band members and have her cd's signed. Betsy, having imbibed on a considerable amount of whiskey throughout the evening, wouldn't shut the h e double hockey sticks up about how she got to meet the beautiful lady from the band, and has since been playing their albums to death and talking about the band relentlessly. They are a good band, but I do not share her obsession unfortunately, otherwise I'd enjoy much more the nightly blasting of their music throughout our apartment.

It's time to break out the down comforter my friends.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

it is cold

eureka, I did figure out how to get my comments back with some savvy internet searching and trial and error. I still hate html. Overall though, the new beta version is kinda fun especially if you don't know what the hell you are doing (with the html stuff) like me. I guess if I had several hours to kill I could figure out how to edit and do cool things to my page, but I just don't have the time or the natural inclination to do so.

Yesterday....tasted about 50 butters, yes, just the butter. Me and fat are going to be real tight for the next few months.

Also yesterday, went for an eye appointment for my annual checkup and to get more contacts. This is the second time I've visited this particular doc and the charm hasn't worn off. I feel like I'm stepping back 50 years cause the dude is geriatric and still uses the same equipment seemingly from 1940, it is so neat, I feel like I should traipse off to my one room schoolhouse and then traipse home to help my mother bake or something.

So, I have my first outing with the mechanic on thurs. I think. He's from England, he has an accent, this might override any other unattractive qualities that he may have, at least for a while.

freaking cold in these parts.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

messing around

with the new blogger beta version, but I should really stop now and try to get some work done. Bah! I lost my comments and I can't figure out how to get my haloscan back on, I hate html.

confusion over the pastie

So what is the deal with the pastie? Like how is it that your entire breast other than the nipple can be exposed and it somehow is seen as at least appropriate enough to be viewed on television and in the general public. Cassie and I pondered this while watching the burlesque show at the bar we wandered to after going to our art opening. If someone can shed some light as to why breast tissue is appropriate to be viewed as long as the nipple is not exposed, I would be appreciative.

Friday, October 06, 2006

damn software

My car got broken into again, bastards. I'm still unclear why someone would look at my old beater, which has a partially flat tire and tape holding on the front bumper and think, gee, I bet there is some good shit to steal in there. Unless they think, hmmm, this looks like the car of someone who spends their cash on drugs, maybe they left some in the car, that is the only explanation I can come up with. Or that my car is usually cluttered so I therefore may have left my valuable stamp collection amongst my trash or my moneyclip containing several hundred dollars. Who knows, at least it is the small triangle window and not the driver's side front window like last time. I hope they saw my dashboard Jesus and felt convicted enough to repent. I would post a couple photos but I can't figure out how to download the necessary software to be able to transfer the pics from my digital camera.

I want to play hooky, it is so beautiful outside. It is also that time of year for the corn maze, who's with me?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

School daze

I'm feel fat, I had to taste 24 cookies yesterday, today I had to taste a load of pies (48), monday it was biscuits and scones, do we see a pattern forming? One that will perhaps add several pounds to my short self? I could go exercise, but I'm pretty damn tired. I thankfully was not put with the woman that I despise, I quite enjoy my group actually. I'm so smart too, like I know the answers to stuff.

So I had some fraudulent acitivity on my checkcard, it wasn't stolen, someone must have gotten off the net. Anyways, I scrounged up some change to go to the local shop and get some coffee, hoping to be able to get some cash from the ATM. However, I got to the ATM and remembered that though I may actually have some money in my account, my card had been cancelled. I was a bit short as far as the coffee, but figured one of the regulars would spot me the rest. After I explained my embarrassment and told them why I was having to beg for change, the guys at the shop were like "so you have no money", and I was like yeah, but I'll survive, to which their response was to hand me a bunch of cash because they didn't want me to have to "just survive". I was quite touched actually, I mean one is the lecherous old man who has a thing for me so that doesn't surprise me, but these are really just acquaintances of mine and they were so kind.

Apparently the mechanic, though he was a no-show at the party, does want to get together still. Like I said I've already played out the worst case scenario in my head so it will probably suck....

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I missed my own anniversary

If my blog and myself were in a relationship, I'd be in the doghouse. I was so busy yesterday preparing for our shindig that I didn't have time to write a special blogiversary post. It's just as well, since I don't really have much of interest to write anyways.

Our party went well, not as many people showed as usual, maybe we really do have lame partys, but I really don't think so. Anyways, we put an enormous amount of effort into this party moreso than previous party's, I mean, we usually have enough booze and snacks and such, but Jake and I actually made good food, Betsy as usual put a lot of time into the mix and she made cool decorations our house looked really nice, so we were kinda bummed when our regular attenders didn't show to witness it, but oh well, it was still a good time. I of course embarrassed myself as is my protocol. The mechanic didn't show, which I was fine with since instantly after I asked him to come to our party I mapped out the worst case scenario in my brain which I pretty much always do and was kinda hoping he wouldn't come so that I wouldn't have to deal with it. I'm just glad that I asked, I took a risk, yay for me.

Tomorrow I go back to school, though I haven't received official word on if my loan has been approved or not yet.