Monday, October 13, 2008


I almost forgot to mention that we finally went to the Corn Maze! A couple of the 'ol roomies and myself joined by a couple buddies made it out. This was no easy task considering the level of pain mine and Cassie's bodies were in due to the previous evening of heavy drinking, I truly was unsure if I was going to make it. But make it I did and we corn-pleated the maze successfully, it was grand fun and the weather was more than ideal for corn-mazing.

pondering the prairie

While hungover and watching TV yesterday this documentary came on and I was immediately riveted since I love old stuff and am especially fascinated by abandoned farmsteads. It was good, but I was a bit dissapointed in the lack of personalized stories regarding the farms, it was more a general history about the settling of the upper midwest and the rise and fall of farming culture. In any case it is crazy to imagine what it'd be like to be one of the first settlers on an expanse of prairie, especially an immigrant with very few material posessions. You just pick a spot of land and figure out how to make a shelter, I mean did they even have tent or something for the first week or two? It is just wild to think about.

So yeah, was pretty horrifically hungover yesterday. I'm finding my liver just can't take on the alcohol like it used to, it is getting old and worn and tired. Went to two parties Sat. evening and started off the night drinking some good but very sweet and alcoholic punch that did not start off the evening on a good foot. Then my companion/sober driver insisted upon refilling my cup so that she could walk by her ex-bf as many times as possible even though I didn't want anymore punch, I just wanted beer. Needless to say I was sufficiently lit by the time we got to to 2nd party where they had mostly run out of booze, except for some nasty cheap wine and peach bacardi. I proceeded to get sloppy drunk and found myself drinking a scavenged half empty (or half full if looking at it in a more positive light), warm bottle of finnegans. I remember feeling quite disgusted with myself yet I continued to drink it. Sign of an alcoholic?? Perhaps. I don't know if I made a huge ass of myself or, I'm sure I must have.

We are having a Halloween housewarming party. I'm aiming to be Boy George this year though if that falls through I still have my zombie costume from last year. I hope people show up.

Let's see...I have not gotten any part time employment that I have applied for, though I have at least had a couple of actual interviews which is a step in the right direction I suppose. I was pretty bummed about the coffee shop gig, it was so perfect.

Friday, October 03, 2008

getting sacked

No, fortunately I'm not getting sacked, but my supervisor is, well, getting laid off is I suppose the nicer term. This is quite sad since she has been here a very long time and is a very sweet lady. My very best office friend is also getting sacked b/c now that our manager is gone we have to answer to the next higher up now, who happens to be her mother, which happens to be against policy. Also on the near horizon is a co-worker retiring and another going on maternity leave, and by the way, we are under a hiring freeze. So basically, the rest of us sad saps are going to be in rough shape in about a month taking on A LOT more work. Then I'll probably get sacked too which would totally suck, although maybe give me the ass-kicking I need to step it up, and hopefully a decent severance package.

Anyways, I keep thinking it is 2009.

The 'mates and I had our first cozy evening together in the new home, lighting up our first fire in the stove and watching the VP debate whilst imbibing on autumnal brews and eating fries with special Columbian mayo. The place is still basically in shambles with boxes hither and thither, but we've made somewhat of a dent.

After some much needed rest, I'm somewhat less crabby.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

dead inside

I am a monstrous crab today, which can only be remedied by alcohol consumption. Alas, I am broke until friday and therefore have to drink what we have on hand, which isn't much.

I missed my blogiversary again, so happy belated blogiversary to me. To celebrate, I will probably go home and sleep because today I hate people, then wake up, drink so that I can tolerate being around people, then go to see Liam Finn and drink pabst on special.

Part of my crabbiness is being tired from moving for three and a half days, then needing to unpack and not having the energy or storage in our new home. Plus the landlord said we could likely paint and has now reneged and I abhor the color of my room, so I either will beg, or have to fabric my walls. Also, everyone seems smug about something or another that is just going swell while I meanwhile continue to hate my life.

I had an interview for a very part time job yesterday that I think I would really enjoy but probably won't get.

So there.