Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hmm, well, it has been an interesting few days.

First of all, I'd like to expound on my opinion of the film "He's Just Not That Into You", which highlights the "delusions" of women and their supposed desperation to "read too much into" the supposed obvious disinterest of the object of their desire. However, it does not address why the hell the men give the mixed signals in the first place. For example, the man that the "crazy" girl meets in the bar who by all indication seems "into her"...saying he was glad to have come to the bar because he met her, asked for her number, etc., then when she admittedly embarrassingly confronts him on the specifics of their future interactions it was supposed to be obvious to her that he wasn't genuinely interested, well, then why did he feel the need to show interest? Same goes with the Scarlett Johannson character. There is not any addressing of the fact that perhaps people could just stand to be more honest about their intentions, and it seemed that the stereotypical "crazy chick" was emphasized more throughout the movie. Maybe a film that expresses a need for people to be more honest and upfront to begin with when dating, being respectful enough and secure enough to refrain from feeding on other's insecurities in order to give oneself an ego boost and recognizing that their actions do affect others might be in order. Of course not nearly as entertaining and money producing as poking fun at the patheticness of what it means to be human sometime and to desire a genuine connection with another human.

So that being said, I had a blast from my romantic past who by all sane observations would have been deemed "not that into me" and who preyed on my insecurities for his personal gain, much to the chagrin of my close compadres who genuinely love me and knew I deserved far far better. Well, that person showed up at my workplace last week after years of no contact, to apparently apologize profusely for wronging me, and to make sure that I knew that he took my general loveliness for granted. It was simutaneously flattering and freaky, and of course I am skeptical based on past experience. In any case, it was nice to hear, albeit possibly ingenuine, but coming from someone that I once invested too much into to my mental detriment and who no longer holds the same power over me, it was satisfying and somewhat therapuetic.

I also just bought a car, a car whose only known problem by the owner was that it needed the brakes to be bled (from what I know a simple and inexpensive procedure), but turns out after taking it to the mechanic that the entire brake system needs to be replaced which would cost me a ridiculous amount of money, meanwhile being a hazard to drive. I called the folks that I purchased the car from (a nice seeming family just in need of some extra dough) and they agreed to refund me my money and take the car back via voicemail but they have yet to return my call to work out the details of that transaction. So, I got hornswaggled again in my search for a cheap used car. I just hope they actually take the car back, I'm nervous. *update* I talked to the previous owner and she was real cool about taking the car back so all is well.

It is cold as balls out there. My other car's doors were frozen shut this morning, it was quite unfortunate.

In other news, my father has gone off the conservative deep end. He texted me last week (had no idea he knew how to text) to get my email address. I never received anything from him. Yesterday my brother texted me asking for my email address saying that he and Dad were fighting and he wanted to forward the emails to me. Since my father had typed in my email address wrong I had not received the original email, which was a bunch of ridiculous right-wing rhetoric about the state of government and how soon enough our freedoms will be taken away and how we (his beloved children) should prepare ourselves for anarchy and make sure to protect ourselves against those that will go to any means necessary to take what they need. Also I should put all of my savings (which would consist of nothing) into silver and gold. My brother was offended that our father would purport to change the political views of his adult children in the span of three paragraphs of paranoia and delusion and replied as such, to which my father replied with a verbal attack against my brother and his lack of fiscal responsibility, and now they are not speaking. I see both sides, of course, my brother has a lot of harbored bitterness toward's 'ol pa, so I can see why he'd get more riled in the first place. Meanwhile, I could care less if pa is wants to spew his crazy notions, and kinda feel bad for the fellow since I guess he was well-meaning, but then he got unneccesarrily ugly towards my bro and that isn't cool.

Bah, I'm too lazy to prepare for anarchy.