Thursday, August 31, 2006

and then there were five

Emily is moving out the next couple days to move in with our friend Sinda. I helped them load some stuff into their truck this morning before work because well, I'm a good person, and because Sinda has done our household large favors by offering her truck to help us move furniture on more than one occasion. I will miss Emily, she's a neat gal. She's a natural at making baked goods (really, she should be the pastry chef, not me), she's quirky and funny and not annoying, and she'll enjoy a smoke with me on occasion, and one day I came home from class to find her practicing her accordian. However, I'm sure I'll see her around a-plenty, considering she is one of the Carleton elite.

Since we put the kabosh on the proposal of adding the creepy red-haired friend of Sarah's to the household, this does free up the spare room, which will utilized as common space to chill/watch TV/read/listen to music/get laid in haha, just kidding about that last one, uh, well maybe. I scored a good sized futon off (where else) craigslist, so anyone needing a place to crash while rolling through Mpls(especially certain someone's from the windy city), let me know and we'll give you the royal treatment.

Crummy, it looks like rain on Sat. that is when Cassie and I are planning on going to the great MN get together. However, if we can brave the elements we do have the advantage of fewer crowds. Also to look forward to this weekend is co-worker Rachel's birthday on Sun., her 21st birthday, the mother of all birthday's. Of course me and some other co-workers have planned a pub crawl to witness her legally getting schlockered. Oh to be 21 again, throwing up on the porch of some frat house.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

capitol M

We've been introduced the past couple weeks in school to exciting things like cake decorating and doing chocolate and sugar work, someday I could perhaps do something like this out of chocolate and/or sugar, exciting huh? We watched a video of Ewald Notter doing his thing, he's pretty sexy when he's working his sugar...and his mojo, apparently he's been married 3 times to 3 different assistants of his. Anywho, we didn't delve into the complexities, but I did pipe a chocolate pattern that my teammates claimed looked like breasts, they thought I might be talented at making cakes for bachelor parties. So I'm exciting for my more advanced classes during which I'll really learn the craft (if my loan goes through that is). I remember debating in aesthetics regarding when something is considered art or craft, which would rile up the potters. I'm of the mindset that something made skillfully using design elements and color theories to be visually attractive is generally craft, something infused with meaning is art, expresses something beyond beauty. But then what makes something meaningful, can a potter throw a vessel that makes some sort of "statement"? I do think so, but I also think people are often quick to label someone as an "artist" or "art" when really it's more of skilled craft, and vice versa, as sometimes something generally thought of as a craft or someone "crafty" doesn't get due respect. It's a lot about the intention with the end product I guess, and of course opinions are going to differ as I'll often look at a meticulously painted landscape as more craft, because it's purpose is to be pretty (e.g. Terry Redlin). Sure, I guess it invokes feelings, awe perhaps, or maybe comfort or serenity, but then there are landscape painters like Thomas Cole, whose landscapes are clearly expressing more than a warm fuzzy. But then again, what the hell do I know, I probably just need to get laid.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

not ruined

I fixed the sound on the laptop, well, I restarted the computer anyways and the sound worked.

Have I mentioned yet how much I hate trying to work enough so that I can attempt to not live paycheck to paycheck and go to school. I mean, I've been working since I was 15 (excluding babysitting), and I realize I've pretty much always been adverse to hard work, I really enjoy having enough time to indulge in laziness, much to my father's chagrin. However, when I have less spare time I either feel an enormous amount of guilt if I'm not doing things that I've hoped to accomplish (such as cleaning my room), or I just find myself doing shit purely due to momentum, dishes, laundry, cleaning (other than my room), it's strange...and it sucks. Well, I guess self-loathing is inevitable no matter what, I always feel like I should be more accomplished. I definitely shouldn't have children.

Monday, August 28, 2006


I fried the soundcard apparently on the ol' laptop and hell if I know how to fix it, but I'll give it a shot. I'd say "my" laptop, but really it's Jenni's. Good grief.

As I walked into school this morning I noticed as I do every day how ugly the school is. One would think that a commercial arts school, a school that focuses so much on design elements, would be more attractive, but alas, it is incredibly ugly. Not that the school should conform to the pressure's of society, perhaps it is making a statement by being homely.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I truly feel like I don't think anymore, not about anything important anyways. Well, sure, I think about stuff, but more in passing rather than being interested in really delving in and learning about a given topic or issue, it's sad really.

Friday, August 25, 2006

let me tell you all about my vacation...

Ummm, here we are clearly exuding our expansive and deep knowledge of any and all matters pertaining to life.

The couple behind us were totally going at it within approx. 0.32 seconds after introduction.

Sarah and I "catching some rays" or not so much at the beach. I was determined to try though, and froze my arse off during my attempt. That's the towel I borrowed from our host Jer-Bear (Jeremy). We were pleased to unfold the towel to discover that Jer apparently has an affinity for cute puppies and kitties. He claims he bought it out of desperation for a beach towel....right Jer.

Breakfasting on our last day in SF, Fuj. is in a pensive mood here.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

it's grown on me

As promised, here's the hideous dresser.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I'm now the ?proud? owner of the most gaudy dresser I have ever witnessed in real life. In my old place, there was a little built in dresser in the closet, which perfectly housed my clothes that didn't fit in my normal dresser. Then I moved and after trying to jam (certainly unnecessary) clothes into my dresser and closet that don't fit, I decided to search for a (free or cheap) small dresser. So I turned to Craigslist and Freemarket, searched, posted a "wanted" ad, and after missing out on several dressers I got an email offering an inexpensive dresser WITH delivery. The thought of not having to go to some suburb to pick up a dresser that might possibly not fit in my car was appealing, so I inquired further. From his description, it was considerable bigger than what I was looking for, but I figured I'd just put my other dresser in storage. So we arrange a time and he arrives, I bounce downstairs to take a look at my new means of storage, and at first glance think "oh hell, this is very ugly, but I can't tell him I don't want it since he just drove a 1/2 hr to deliver it to me", I'm guessing my face expressed my shock and dissapointment, but I tried to muster enthusiasm when he asked if it would work for me. Anyways, I took a picture of it which I'll try to post in the next couple days. It's kinda growing on me, so even if I do find something else I may just keep it. I'm actually slightly peeved right now b/c I found a small dresser and arranged to pick it up tomorrow, but I just called and the chick sold it to someone else after I said I wanted it and would pick it up, what the....

Anyways, I skipped school yesterday due to a hacking cough that kept me up all night sun. and most of last night too, so I'm even more exhausted than usual. I didn't have time for the overhaul of my room, more of an overhaul of one wall, which I spent the day on Sat. covering with fabric and it turned out pretty nicely actually. Our party was fabulous per usual, at least I think most had a good time.

Friday, August 18, 2006

eye candy

So apparently if you have a google account, you can switch over your blogger account to google which I accidentally discovered when I tried to login to blogger using my gmail login by mistake. So I tried to make the switch, and they said they were only accepting a limited number right now. So why even ask me is the thought that came to my mind.

Anywho, roommate Sarah seems to have calmed down, she's been more friendly the past couple days so maybe she just had to freak out and let her feelings be known, and now the healing can commence. It isn't our intention for her to feel left out, since we do like Sarah, so hopefully she realizes that.

I swear I'm not gay (likely contrary to popular belief since I'm sans boyfriend), but I've been catching myself checking out other women's breasts lately more often than usual. So no, not in a sexual way, but just taking note if another woman has a nice rack, and then feeling slightly inadequate even though I don't really have reason to, if I do say so myself. There is always someone that will be better than you isn't that what "they" say, and to that I say "damn it"

I'm about to attempt this evening and tomorrow to do a major overhaul of my bedroom, which I'm hoping will not end up being disastrous. I'm nervous, I have perhaps an irrational fear that my room will end up being horrifically ugly.

I got my hair cut and colored earlier this week, and while I'm a fan of the color I'm not sure about the cut. I always appreciate the opportunity to admire Matt's pectorals and overall handsomeness, but in this case, I believe his beauty made me blind to the fact that he seemed distracted/stressed while cutting my hair instead of his usual focus and effort. I guess it isn't that bad, not a mullet or anything.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

roommate issues

We hurt our roommate Sarah's feelings. Sarah is kinda the odd one here because we found her through craigslist, whereas the other housemates all know eachother from college, and Betsy and I are good pals. So Sarah feels left out, an understandable plight, but I feel like we often attempt to include her, well, not me so much maybe since I'm antisocial anyways, but certainly Betsy, Emily and Kathleen do, Jake is generally a man of few words so he's not expected to be social either. Funny thing is, Kathleen, Emily and myself are all under the impression that Sarah doesn't like us. My usual experience with Sarah is this... I see Sarah, she barely acknowledges me, I think to myself "hmmm, she doesn't seem to want to interact with me" and I either keep to myself, or I think "well, sometimes I come off that way when I don't mean to" so I try to extend a friendly hello and a smile, which is returned with a "hi" and that is it, no indication of a desire for further conversation. Anyways, she asked us if we might consider letting her friend move in after Emily moves out the end of the month. This friend that basically, we all despise. He stayed here a few days last month, was incredibly antisocial (like, beyond even me), hung around the house ALL day long doing pretty much nothing but hog the bathroom, and we have reason to believe that he brought foot fungus into the shower. So we told her that we would like to stick with the original plan of just having that be an extra room for guests and a general hanging out/study area which I think will be needed once it is winter and we're not out and about as much. This sent her to tears apparently (I wasn't there when we told her the final decision), but while I understand how she may feel uncomfortable with us, we do make an honest effort to include her, invite her out with us (if she is even around, which isn't often), or include her when we are just hanging out. Being shy myself, I do feel for her, but seriously Jake, Kathleen and Emily are very cool and even though I barely knew them before we all moved in together I felt instantly comfortable with them, but then again I did know Betsy which helped. However, I have also learned that I can't blame others for not including me if I act standoffish towards them, which I sorta feel like she is doing. Ah well, if she is truly unhappy she can move out. I'm just glad the rest of us are all on the same page when it came to not having her friend move in, that would have been hellish.

We just received a really nice sofa for free off freemarket. I almost passed out today after giving blood, and even though I know I should give more often, I don't really like to because sitting there while your blood is draining from your body is rather disturbing even if it's for good purpose. I guess I should just be glad that I'm not living in the time when they bled people to try to heal them from whatever ailed them. Then I spilled the chex mix I got afterwards all over the floor when I opened it too vigorously and I was very sad.

Monday, August 14, 2006

SF is hecka nice

Back to the grind after my short stint in SF. We walked, talked, ate, walked, hung out with our host Jer-Bear watching Aqua Teen, tasted various yummy pastries, walked, ate, drank coffee, observed the hipsters, drank beer, froze on the beach, walked, dragged heavy suitcases ten blocks, shopped, ate, sat next to really horny/drunk people going at it, gave the gift of orangina, lusted after boys at the car rental place (or I did at least) etc. etc. SF, Berkeley, Oakland, all quite lovely. Fujipants put up with me during her time of transition, and for that I'm grateful. The couchsurfing thing was a tad awkward I'd say. Were I the type to be more outgoing and conversational, it would be less awkward, but I'm just not. Jeremy was a keen dude, very accomodating, and though we barely interacted with our other hosts, they were also very accomodating, everyone is appreciated for being gracious and trusting enough to let a couple strange midwestern gals into their home. Yeah, I'd say SF is as great as everyone says, pics to come soon.

We are hosting yet another party this weekend, I see a pattern forming. I still have major work to do on my room, so hopefully I'll make some progress before Sat. my goal being to finish unpacking and trying to tackle that fabric wall project.

I totally left the bar without paying for my beer, Jenni didn't pick up my slack, so that means someone that I barely know did. I feel bad about this.

Praise the Lord (a.k.a. PTL) we switched teams this week in class! I'm still with Manda, the one that I get along with, unfortunately we are also still with the dimwit, but we gained 2 cool ladies. I'm super pumped about this, it is going to make the next six weeks of the quarter so much more bearable.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

sleepy in SF

I'm in San Fran with Fujipants, having a good time so far, mostly figuring out logistics. Soon we'll be heading to some blues/jazz thing and then meeting our host, which will hopefully not be awkward. I could use a nap though.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Yesterday was wholly unproductive, unless you consider looking at kick ass art being productive, which I do, so in that case I was very productive. I decided to procrastinate my to do list and instead tagged along with my roommates to the Walker to take advantage of the free admission, and I'm sure glad I did. They have the Diane Arbus exhibit running now and it was quite engaging, lots of images, and because I'm a perv my favorites were the one's of the people in the nudist colony. What was way cool was there was also a Cameron Jamie exhibit in which he fashioned this "mountain". One person could climb the mountain at a time to view some more of his work, and it was all dark and creepy and uneven (like you were actually on rock) and you had to bring this red lantern with you, and the art was kinda creepy. It was creepy in a good way though, well, I thought it was great anyways, roommate Kathleen just found it creepy. Then we went for a short jaunt through the sculpture garden.

I ditched Papo tonight, I'm hoping that he didn't actually show. I found out that it was actually Tango at our established meeting place and not Salsa, a tango night that I know the ex-landlord goes to and I didn't want to run into him, but Betsy's friend was going so I asked her if she ran into Papo to tell him I couldn't make it because I'm studying, which I am once I stop procrastinating. I feel an enormous amount of guilt when I break plans, even plans made with a quirky 60-something Puerto Rican while I was moderately tipsy;

Dude, I totally could have scored last night with a couple of 20 year old dudes (no, not the cute boys from my class). I went to coworker Rachel's party which consisted of pretty much all college kids, since she is still in college it was appropriate for her, for me however, it was a bit uncomfortable since I felt rather old. I was amused by the antics though, and though I went to like one frat party in my college days, and a handful of house parties, I don't feel I really fully experienced partying in college, especially underage since I started drinking shortly before I turned 21. But it turns out, I wasn't missing a whole lot. About an hour after I arrived, we had to caravan to the Burger King across the street because there was rumor that the cops were going to show (the party was taking place in this dorm/apartment type thing, complete with RA). I mostly hung out with my newfound smoking buddies, Josh and Tony, who invited me over to chill and play guitar and foosball after the entire party got locked out of the dorm/apartment because the key got lost/locked in the dorm or something. It was a tempting proposition, but I declined. The highlight of the evening is when some random dude walking along joined us at BK and pulled huge bottle of Jack Daniels from his crotch. I pondered if he'd ever heard of a flask, but then considered that perhaps the purpose was twofold, to conceal the liquor and to give the illusion of having a more ample "package" as he strolls along. Unfortunately I didn't have the motivation to ask as I was in antisocial mode.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I really want to be lazy today, so I'm trying to decide if I wanna chuck all the stuff I should be doing in favor of doing nothing except maybe laying out at the lake. However, I am going on vacation in a few days, so perhaps I should be productive today. Don't know if we have a place to stay yet in San Fran, someone from couchsurfing said we could crash at his place, but he hasn't gotten back to me to confirm that is in fact true, well, there is always the hostel or the sidewalk.

I've decided to succumb to laziness for now, and maybe be productive later if time allows. I mean it is before noon no need to be in any hurry, though I did want to hit up a yard sale or two in the hopes of finding a small dresser.

I was a mere five minutes late to my sanitation and safety class yesterday, and therefore was not allowed to get any points on the quiz. I took the quiz, was finished before half the class who had started before me, got one wrong, but don't get any points. I understand being punished or losing points for being late, however had I missed class entirely, I could have "made up" the quiz and gotten half the points. This makes no sense to me. The whole class is kinda silly, it's four hours, once a week to get servsafe certified. My roommate Emily who manages hospital foodservice also has to go to a class to be servsafe certified, but her class is one time for 8 hours. This makes no sense to me.

I dragged my housemates to an art opening last night, I think a good time was had by all. I agreed to go Salsa dancing sunday night with Papo against my better judgement since I have midterms next week and really should be studying. When I picked up my deposit check a couple weeks ago (yes, I did get my deposit back, sans interest, but I miraculously got it back nonetheless) landlord Dan was sleazy as ever (he had some sort of housing court mediator there apparently thinking I would back him up in his case against the hipster girls), but he did give me a bag of clothes that the hipster girls left behind, some items too hipster for my style, but I did score a pair of jeans, comfy ones too. I do love me some free clothes....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

sweet relief

Praise Jesus for rain and cooler temps, and consequently restful sleep, except for the fact that I'm staying up too late.

I was so great in class today, I dominated on oven duty since noone else chose to help me, even though each team is supposed to have one oven person. My teacher was impressed by my skills so I scored major points. I guess I have some work ethic after all as in I don't feel like a slacker. I still hate the majority of the people on my team, except for one, although she is mean to the people she doesn't like, I can't believe what she says sometimes. I still may be in a financial aid crisis, but apparently I'm not to worry about it til next quarter.