Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I get to stay!

Olivia on my behalf suggested to our landlord that he should let me stay and lower the rent, and he was totally fine with that. We are darn good tenants, Olivia and I. So I no longer have to stress about finding an apartment, I don't have to pack and move, I get to enjoy my happy porch! I also have a roomate possibility for a couple months anyways. My car is fixed, all is right with the world.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So long sweet Olivia, I will miss you even though I have George and Lucy to keep me company, although Lucy doesn't talk much and George complains a lot. We will be intending for you to have a fulfilling time in europe, I look forward to hearing about your adventures there.

I'm starving, and hungover.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Jenni talked about how God will answer our intentions (or prayer) last night, my car started as proof of fulfilled intentions, unfortunately it won't start without a jump which is setting me back about $300. However, my car starting was enough to get me being more intentful with my intentions, hopefully.

Olivia, Cassie and Kevin, with whom we haven't spent quality time with in forever, went and saw Star Wars at the cheap seats, I hadn't seen it yet, and when Anakin turned to the dark side I cried, and continued to cry from then on although I didn't really care about Padme.

Friday, August 26, 2005

she's gone!!

The nurse I hate is leaving for vacation! Every time she asks me to do something I feel like a whiny child who wants to throw a tantrum. Her demeanor, the way she asks in that whiny annoying voice of hers....ahh, sweet relief for at least 2 weeks!! She just half-hugged me as though I want to be touched by her.

I pretty much have a hard time thinking about anything other than where I'm going to live. I have looked at several apartments, some cute but too much, some cute but taken, some fine but nothing special other than they are in my price range. I'm hoping to gather a person or 2 toghether to look at 2 or 3 BR since we'd get more bang for our buck. So far I've had a couple responses, so we'll see if that pans out. I'm truly obsessed.

I sold a pair of pants on Ebay, my first sell!! I also had a successful partylite party last night, although I got sweaty and had forgotten to deoderize as usual, damn it, I hope any odor doesn't deter those ladies from buying.

Slumber party tonight with the girls minus Jenni to see Olivia off in proper old times fashion, but it will only be like old times if we get silly drunk.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

nice visuals

at our staff meeting this morning, I learned a great deal of breastfeeding information, along with excellent demonstrations done on the nurses own breasts (with clothes on, to not give you the impression that there are exposed bosoms around here). I'm sure this will be very helpful if ever I find myself lactating someday.

surreal life

My coworker saw Flava Flav on her vacation.

I'm trying to read "Knowing Jesus" by James Allison, I'm having a somewhat difficult time understanding it. Of course I read it at the coffee shop which is kinda distracting, but I don't read much at home because I will usually opt for TV. I was hoping it would stimulate some brain activity but it is apparently over my head since I can't think about anything that has grabbed me, which dissapoints me becasue his lecture in person was so thought provoking.

I need a haircut/color, money, sleep and any suggestions on making stale tortilla chips unstale. Oh, and a fabulous place to live for Oct. 1st., and motivation to excersize.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Olivia and I agree that the people who live in our building are weird. There is our landlord, who may be on drugs, he's generally friendly and has always been a little strange, but is getting stranger now that we are moving out, shady like. Then there is the girl who lives in the efficiency down the hall and comes over to bum smokes sometimes. She's convinced that the landlord stole something from her apartment, and has been acting really strange lately. She asked me if I wanted to room with her but told Olivia that she needs to live alone, which is good b/c I'm scared of her, she is nice but seems really moody. I don't know if the hot guy that recently moved in upstairs is crazy, all I know is that he looks really good in running shorts and is gay.

Its probably a good thing I'm moving.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I have a knack for

spilling cold water on myself.

I need to stop my obsession with craigslist/looking for an apartment. Most apartments listed now are for Sept. and will probably be rented anyways before Oct. so I need to have patience.


Hey I think I found a place that might work!

"This is free rent to the right female! Looking for 18-35 years old. This can be a monthly free rent... What I need is a no strings attached "relationship". I am way to busy to have a girlfriend, but would be nice to have someone to come home and have some fun once in a while. send picture and we can talk."

I'm totally kidding, but I saw that on craigslist.

I'm feeling overwhelmed by options at the moment, should I live with someone? alone? where? who?

I had a surprisingly fun weekend with my family. My sister, brother in law, my 2 nieces and nephew were visiting. I love my sister and her family, but our relationship isn't as close as it used to be so I sometimes get dissapointed when I spend time with them, and I thought my nephew hated me. However, I got along fine with Ben, Elle and Jade are really fun girls, Tom insisted that I come visit sometime soon, or else take a trip to Canada with them. I was offered a room at my mother's house, which I tried to politely decline. We of course had to put in time at the Steele county fair, which brought back memories of my sheep shearing, steer/heifer wieldng 4-H days.

I'm pleased to learn that MS flava has started a blog of his own, which has been promptly added to my favorites links as ready bare chested, check it out, a former journalist with nothing and everything to say.

My brain is in shutdown mode, I feel like I haven't had hardly an intelligent thought in several weeks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


It has been revealed that our amazing buddy Beth will be on the next season of the amazing race!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


no more photos...for now anyways, some shots of our time in Chicago.

It is so good to have Cassie back, she adds an element to our friend group that can't be replaced, but now Olivia is leaving, so we have someone else to miss.


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Sally and MS flava

Sally and MS flava
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Beth, Sally and myself

Tim, Michael, and Sally enjoying some coffee.

Monday, August 15, 2005

new favorite

Last night I told a tale involving Fujipants, which included "Big Buck Hunter" and "hand job" at a church function last night. Then we went and played said game after watching Polka Luau at Mayslacks. That game makes me swear like a sailor...or a redneck.

Mrs. Sanders

Before we left my sister's, she had a deep concern for Mrs. Sanders, a foster cat, who was missing. She was not perched in her normal favorite spot on the shelf by the microwave, nor did she come out for the tuna treats. I hope Mrs. Sanders is safe.

Sally on dino
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Some gas station somewhere on the road.

rainy denver
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supposedly it never rains in Denver...myself(Shawnapants) and Fujipants(Sarah).

me and tedster
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Hanging with the Tedster in the red canyon, he's quite the ham.

me and fam
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Looking like I can stand to lose a few (I'll just blame it on elevation related bloating), and why do I look so awkward?, maybe the 16 hrs in the SUVizzle...that's me, nephew Teddy, brother-in-law Phil, and my sister Romaine, with ? in her uterus.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Onto Phase 2

A couple pictures of our first phase (Minneapolis to San Diego) coming to a close.

coffee and cigarettes

coffee and cigarettes
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we could actually smoke inside here, Sally looks very tan.


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At the great coffee shop in DT San Diego our last night there, this is a great shot of the 'ol schnoz.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am not angry at Sally for backing out on moving in with me, annoyed, yes (not with Sally, with having to move my shit again), dissapointed, definately. I know its not her personal vendetta against me or anything and I understand why she wants to move, and she is also a good friend that is willing to go out and have fun and try new things and I will miss her.

Thought I'd clear that up since I probably come off as being bitter and angry, when in fact I quite enjoy Sally.

On that note I have some showings next week for studio apartments. I'm almost positive I scheduled one of the the showings with the "lesbian" sex buddy of He who shall not be named, so I'm pretty excited about that opportunity to chat with her. And some girl emailed me asking if I possibly wanted to find something with her, although she has not gotten back to me so maybe she decided I was a huge nerd.

Good grief, I still feel disheveled from my travels, and people are coming and going and whatnot, I need a nap.

all of God's creations

A few pics from our time at the zoo in San Diego. We saw a Panda, but they did not have walruses which are my favorite, so I tried to get a good picture with the Polar Bear, which is another favorite animal, but there were kids everywhere that kept hogging the window space.

Don't worry, there are more pics to come....

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polar bear
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You can see the bear somewhere back there...there were kids crowded by the glass so we couldn't get a great shot. It's like, hello, I realize you are 10 and I'm 26, but I'd like to see the Polar Bear too, let someone else have a turn.

Polar Bear 2 (to the right of my head)

Sally with camel
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Sally with peacock
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

who stole

my half and halfs that I take from McDonald's? even the partially used one's. That is really annoying (and sick), I steal those for myself, not to share with others in the office.

My pics are ready, be prepared.

obsessed again

with finding an apartment, since Sally decided to leave me high and dry (insert Radiohead here) to pursue other....things. I will restrain from villifying her here on this blog since I did my best to make her feel guilty enough about it last night, just will state once again how I love my neighborhood and my happy porch and my cute room with its sink and our small but cute home, it will be sorely missed, and I'm trying to hold back the tears. I don't need a place until Oct. 1st, but of course I spent all morning looking instead of working, so I'm way ahead of myself. I will either have to live with strangers or find a studio apartment it appears, there seems to be options though, probably not with a happy porch, but options.

Thank you Michael for your part in satisfying my cheesecake obsession, it is quite tasty. I also recommend the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty nut granola bars, I'm obsessed with them as well.

And still obsessed with Ebay.

Saw my buddy's last night at the local shop for the first time since I've been back Shawn, Sammy, lecherous old man, my crush, and my potential good to see them all again. Lecherous old man gave me a book, which was nice I guess, he is a fine person, just lecherous.

Lots of changes, Cassie returneth tonight, can't wait to set eyes on her at Psycho Suzi's later this evening. Olivia is off to Europe in like 3 weeks or something, Sally is moving to the windy city.

Monday, August 08, 2005

the grind

Back to my dark sad cube, unemployment seems to be the trend these days, wish I could afford to give it a shot. Had a lovely vacation though, lots of fun and good company, I will try and develop my pics soon and post a few. I enjoyed my time in Chicago; friends, coffee, cigarettes, alchohol, x games and the windy city, and lets not forget the hot dog.

Its good to be back though, Sally and I made a quick run to the RD when we arrived in Mpls, it was like seeing an old friend. I will be seeing Cassie on Wednesday, her big move to MN as well and I can't wait.

Friday, August 05, 2005

the lovely midwest

Back in the midwest, Chicago. Packed in a lot of activity in the past couple days, mostly spent in the SUVizzle. Stopped in at my sister's with her horde of cats (at least 20, possibly more), a ridiculous amount of cats in fact. We were privelaged to sleep in the room where a mom and kittens were kept who apparently were ill and have diarrhea, that my sister didn't move until the last possible minute before we were going to sleep. Thankfully the incense and the open window eliminated much of the stench that was previously present. My nephew is great, very cute and funny and I also learned my sister is expecting again late October. Yes that is in 3 months and I just found out, prime example of the great communication in our family. We also went on a lovely hike at the red canyon and ate some Gyro's that were possibly contaminated. Yesterday we stopped in Denver to meet up with Fujipants, a nice city that Denver is.

So we are rested and ready to go out and about in Chi-town, sure nice to be back in the midwest.