Monday, June 18, 2007

There I am, dork extraordinaire. Haha, I even graduated with honors and considering I didn't put that much effort into my schooling, I was a little surprised. I guess it feels good to be done, I'm still plagued with self-doubt though. I've been kinda discombobulated lately about life. I'm really hoping that my much needed vacation coming up this week will get me in a more relaxed and happy state of mind since I've been pretty glum lately. Yes, I believe some serious beach time should do the trick.

Betsy moved out yesterday, it's a little sad, thinking about all us 'mates moving on as I've really enjoyed our time in our house despite the usual annoyances of living with people. Onto a new home with my dear friend Cassie come August (pictured right).

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

so uh yeah

Mostly I stare at a blank screen without anything to say when it comes to this blog. I'm currently utterly exhausted, bouts of insomnia, anxiety about relationships and life in general, been smoking like a fiend lately too, soon I'll be like my mother who seems to have a 3 pack/day habit.

Tomorrow is my unofficial last day of school, next friday I officially graduate, it's over! Well, it doesn't really feel over since I'll probably have about the same schedule, but at least I won't have class and homework, not that I've had much of that lately. I'm to be working part time at Cupcake, then also working my current job part time (I think). The whole thing is stressing me out really, I'm not sure how my boss is going to react really since we are really short staffed right now and unable to hire another person.

I'm on my way to get some sleep.