Friday, December 30, 2005

star wars snow

the snow is coming down hard, it's the sticky stuff perfect for making snowmen or whatever your heart desires, a snow girl or boyfriend (just watch out for the "cold" shoulder, hahahahaha). My brother and I sculpted Jabba the Hut as youngsters. Not so good for when you want to drive to Chicago, I have utmost confidence in the Golf though, have a trusty one myself.

That roomate of mine is a darn funny girl.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

a bit o vermin never did any harm

Actually, I guess in some instances they have, wasn't the plague spread by rats or something. There was a cockroach in our office kitchen this morning, people are freaking out. I'm frankly surprised that we haven't had more and varied infestations, considering how old, disgusting and ugly our office building is. Company colors are turquoise and purple, imagine the now shabby decor, it isn't very inspiring. Of course the cockroach disgusts me, however I've dealt with living with vermin most of my life, we all just have to coexist.

Having lately been waking later and later, arriving to work between 45 min. to an hour late, I enlisted the help of my co-worker Angela to get me to work on time, I asked her to give me a wake up call. She did so at 6:30 a.m., at which time I had been sleeping soundly through my alarm for about 50 minutes. I still didn't make it to work until 8:25, what the hell is wrong with me?

McDonald's is pissing me off, I've been getting salads to attempt to combat my holiday intake of fat and sugar, and have noticed that Iceberg lettuce has replaced what was once was a variety of leafy greens. Iceberg has no nutritional value nor as much flavor, yet the price remains the same. Of course what should I expect from a corporation such as McDonald's. As a former employee I'm saddened and dissapointed, but I gave them my 2 cents.

I spy cheesecake in the fridge....

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I beat the bank

I just narrowly escaped an overdraft or 2, phew, thanks to a little help from my trusty friend Jenny P., who forged my signature and deposited my check for me, I loooove that girl. I also love beating the bank.

Any desireable treats in the office have finally been eaten, so I am no longer gorging myself on fat and sugar, surely adding to my already ample love handles.

I'm tired, the good kind of tired that comes from only getting a couple hours sleep because you were up late getting a good wine buzz, talking to good friends, , Sal and MS flava, (and Jenni and Todd too though they turned in earlier), and being highly entertained by the humping dog. More shenanigans to come this weekend in the Windy City.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

moving on?

Well, look at me, I emailed that Americorps lady that I corresponded with last year and just heard back that there may a position opening in the spring, so she's going to keep me posted, and I applied for another program as well, both in Philadelphia. Yikes, I may actually move out of Minnesota.

Though I hope it won't be until after early March, since Cassie and I are going to San Francisco for her spring break.

Possible dinner with Sally Poppins tonight? I need to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Monday, December 26, 2005

the unclean animal

Three meals in a span of 2 1/2 days eating pork, plus the ham that was forced upon me to take home. I prefer the old fashioned processed ham to the wild boar or whatever my dad made. I'm not sure if he hunted that thing down himself, but it tasted weird.

Oh, what a lovely holiday I had, the best part was the time spent sleeping, oh glorious sleep, how I've missed thee. I had a few short hours with Romaine, Phil and the kids before they left for New York, watched my mother gush over the baby, who is of course "the prettiest baby she's ever seen" at least since the last time one of my sister's gave birth. Does anyone else start to feel like kids become sorta generic? Not to sound void of human attachment, I'll try to are with your family or friends and small children are present in varying ages and stages of development. Though children obviously develop differently and at differing paces, they basically all go through similar stages, each stage having its own endearing cuteness. Everyone observes the children doing cute things, everyone laughs and talks all cutesy, this cycle continues on and on, never seeming to end. I mean, I realize all kids have distinct personalities, but at some point it kinda all blends together, especially when there are a lot of them around, or maybe that's just me, not that I don't appreciate the cuteness and join in on the laughter as well, or enjoy the individuality of the small ones.

Anyways, just some random thoughts. I'd say the best quote of the weekend came from Doug, my mom's on again, off again beau, a struggling alcoholic, and a decent and entertaining man at least when he's sober, who often has random bits of wisdom to share. He does plastering and other construction type work for a living so I asked him if he had any projects outside of adding a sunroom onto my mom's house. His reply was, "nope, just here, and the one in my brain" well said Dougie, well said.

Other highlights included the random goat, the unexpected presence of my brother, stepmother Barb's use of the word "necking", and the gift of a fine french easel, given to me by my pa. I guess I have one less excuse for continuing to be a lame artist.

I also came home pleasantly surprised to find that the cats had behaved themselves while I was gone. In trying to positively reinforce Lucy's good behavior, I made sure to tell her how proud I am of her for being a good kitty.

Friday, December 23, 2005

the look, the feel

I look/feel like crap today, which was confirmed by my manager as I walked in late and disheveled this morning, she gave me the 'ol, "you still look tired". I feel exhausted and am really hoping to just relax at my mom's tonight, though my dad mentioned something about having dinner, which is sure to be lame. However I am getting my hair cut so maybe that will rejuvinate me. The cat has it out for me, of that I am certain (sorry to villify your cat Olivia, but she is being quite naughty).

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Santa Baby?

Is anyone else entirely sick of that song?, cause I sure am

feline love/hate

My very own cat will be fat and lazy, I will not get a frisky kitten, or a spry young thing, I will search for a cat that moves only to eat and use the facilities, one that will be affectionate and share its blubber induced warmth with me on a cold winter's night. I have grown fond of George and Lucy, having shared space with them for a few months now. They, however, are energetic and consequently destructive, they have been known to destroy plants within minutes, pee in my laundry basket of clean clothes on more than one occasion, vomit on the floor, claw holes in clothing or other fabric items, chew on shoes or anything chewable, scratch annoyingly on plastic in the middle of the night... Lucy's blank stare is starting to look less innocent, I in fact wonder if she is holding some sort of grudge against me, and I'm finding it difficult to reason with a cat. Will I miss them when our time is through and they leave to live with Olivia's mother?? As that time draws near, I ponder these things in my heart, and my feelings are conflicting and confusing. I know I have at least learned from our relationship, keep things out of reach, get plants with sturdy leaves, etc., and for that I am grateful.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I'm actually very virginal and prudish, despite my posts of late...don't want to give anyone the wrong impression of me.

Speaking of impressions...I sometimes forget that this thing (blog) is public and hell, people other than those I tell about it can come across it, since it isn't exactly anonymous, and write about my friends and my city. Anyways, I don't particularly mind someone that I don't know or haven't met or am unlikely to meet from some random part of the country or world reading this, or my friends either, but the thought that some random person in Mpls might come across this is embarrassing. Do you know how small this city is? well, it is. I envision someone reading this, thinking "OMG I know that girl, she's hangs out at such and such and she is beyond weird, I'm going to tell all my friends and we will laugh at her, not with her." So there it is, my insecurity brought out to the light, if any random Mpls/St. Paul dweller reads this, please don't make fun of me, I have a fragile ego, you can think I'm a huge nerd but please keep it to yourself.

I pray to God that I never have to pass a kidney stone.

Fujalicious had to cancel her plan to come tonight, I'm a little sad, but hopefully I'll see her soon over New years. Awww, we were going to stitch and bitch together, darn it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sick, sick minds

I had a lovely, spacious box to mail christmas gifts to my sister and her family, but Lucy was naughty and peed in it (it appears that I can't leave any open box lying around, it will be degraded by Lucy). Fortunately there is always an abundance of desireable boxes here at work, ripe for the picking. I was perusing the fine selection this morning, my eye on a rather large box, wondering if was too large a parcel for the post however, and thinking out loud, said as much. Co-worker Holly came to my aid and took a peek online to check on package sizes. By the time she's done reading about how you have to measure the "length" and the "girth" in order to determine if it is a small or large "package", or if can even be shipped at all, we are in a fit of giggles. Much like the time when we were waiting for the elevator, my hands were full so I was trying to press the button with my elbow while Holly gets a soda. She comes back while I'm repeatedly trying to hit the button with my elbow (apparently harder than it seems), and asks me, "so you think if you rub it, it will come faster", why yes Holly, indeed I do.

I just decided I'd like to be a poet, I'm going to try my hand at it, soon you'll be seeing me at your local beatnik bistro, sharing my heart with finely crafted wordplay.

Monday, December 19, 2005

load off

My brother is o.k., just heard from my mom. He checked himself into the hospital, which is obviously good and it's good to know he's safe. There's always hope that he'll get the help he needs and it will make a difference, but at the same time it is what it is.

I've decided on going to Chicago for New Years, if nothing else I can hang out with Fuj. in Rockford and spend quality time with Ed and Jean, and of course hit up beef-a-roo.

Heading to the MOA tonight, was hoping it'd be avoidable, but alas, it is not.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

knitting vs. crocheting

Still no word on my bro, he's supposed to work tomorrow though and my mother is keeping me posted. So..still a bit concerned but at this point there isn't much to be done, so just waiting for more info.

On a lighter note I'll share a funny (hopefully not only to me) anecdote from the other night. Roomate Betsy has been a loyal patron of a local establishment and enjoys the band that has the regular friday night gig there. I've had an open invintation to accomany her and finally had the chance to go the other night. She and I, bundled up and flask full of Jim Beam in hand, braved the elements for the oh, about 8 block walk. Upon arrival we find out that Truth isn't playing, Betsy is sad. She calls the ex who is a block away, we decide to join him. He and a regular at my local shop (they; Betsy, ex and regular, all went to college together) are chillin', I'm a bit tipsy from an empty stomach and shots of beam, and excited to be hanging out with a fellow regular outside the coffee shop realm. We all chat a bit, ex leaves, and we decide to head home, since regular is going to local shop he offers us a ride, and on the way we see even more regulars at a local bar outside smoking. I suggest we join them, which we do, though only one regular stays (so now its me, Betsy, and 2 regulars, confusing I know). Betsy is sans id, which is lost within the depths of her room apparently, so we leave shortly after arriving, and go to none other than the local shop. OK, this is the funny part, I'm tipsy, I'm excited to be hanging out with 2 regulars outside the local shop, Betsy and I start discussing a post New years party we are planning on having and how it is top priority to have cute boys there. I say, "Yeah, we are totally going to get laid by some hot guys" rather loudly. She agrees, adding that said hot males will read really good books, and of course this is very funny to us. Mind you, when I'm at the local shop I'm basically a loner, sitting in the corner keeping to myself with the occasional chat with a select few regulars, so I'm guessing my little comment came off as a bit shocking, even though I basically just like to use the term (or phrase?) "getting laid" at any opportunity since I like it so much, I mean, of course I wouldn't plan a party solely in the hopes that I might get some (would I?).

I sure hope that was funny.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


That's me, I'm a procrastinate, always have been, always will be I imagine. You know, the kind of person who will take the day off to finish the paper or project that was due that morning or afternoon. I gotta shop tomorrow, fing christmas, depletes me of my time and money buying uneeded things for people that don't need anything really, but I do like to receive nonetheless.

My mother called this afternoon, leaving only a message of "call me back ok" so I knew it was something. I was tipsy off a couple bloody's (still am) and apparently my brother is missing, as in he "borrowed" her truck and hasn't returned it since last night, she was hoping I had heard from him, which I haven't. Right now I'm kinda like, this is nothing unusual, he'll show up eventually, and a slight part of me is concerned. I think my brother and I are a lot alike, except that I managed to somehow stay out of trouble, but could easily see myself being unstable like he is, if I had been apart of the right circumstances. Well, I'm hoping no news is good news.

Friday, December 16, 2005

what the

I was blocked by a bright yellow hummer this morning while trying to cross the parking lot as a pedestrian, something tells me that they were unconcerned about pedestrians. Why why why do people drive around in hummers to go about their everyday lives??, it is so beyond ridiculous.

Like many I'm feeling rather downtrodden regarding the upcoming holiday and need to buy gifts. Reviewal of my budget tells me that I shouldn't attempt to go to Chicago for New Years, but since when did I care about my budget and being responsible. If I get feedback that my presence there is desired (ahem), I will likely pony up, if not then I will be sad and forlorn in Mpls since all my friends seem to be going to Chicago (and will save money). Not that I have issue with ringing in the new year alone, I am my own party.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

way to go

Originally uploaded by snielson.

There's the Jayhawks (taken on my shitty phone camera) at first ave. (aren't they hot?) for their 35th anniversary celebration. Overall the night was great, although there was something like 8 bands in the main room and so they only each played maybe four songs. They also played some incredibly hot footage of Prince between bands. I was supposed to go with my ol' buddy Dan, but apparently he was arrested and shackled the previous evening for driving without a license and his car was impounded. I'm truly sorry for his misfortune, but when he was telling me about his night in the slammer I couldn't help but laugh. So Betsy and her friend met up with me later, I was already two giant Corona's toward drunk and had just been offered a third by some guy who said I was awesome and called me a monkey (apparently a compliment), which I don't think pleased his girlfriend much. Way to go first ave. you are dirty and you have a distinct odor (wouldn't have it any other way), but you can sure put on a good show, happy anniversary.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

my mistake

The ban remains in effect for Mpls, its been scaled back for other cities in Henn. county, I heard the news on my clock radio so I was a bit groggy. Well, that's a bummer, it'd be nice if say First ave. still could allow smoking.

to look or not to look

Since I missed the Amazing Race last night for a free ticket to see A Christmas Carol at the I see who won now? or should I wait until I have a chance to watch it, which may not be for a few days?? The making me uncomfortable.

The play was rather enjoyable, it was "girls night out" for some of the church employees (my part time job), since I don't actually go to that church I don't know most of the people there. It was nice to spend some time with Jenny P., it's fun that we can still hang out and get all giggly like in the olden days. We went out to eat and I chuckled quietly to myself while overhearing a plot being formed by two of the women to evangelize the parents of her son's playmate, and just the basic concern of "are they Christian?" to which was the reply "I think they claim to be" implying that they don't REALLY live the "Christian" lifestyle, but of course they are still very nice people. Ha, if they had any knowledge of mine or Jenny's lifestyle (hers was waay more sordid than mine, but she recently has settled down), well, it'd be interesting to see their reaction. I wish I had the balls to slip in some inappropriate banter into smalltalk for entertainment purposes whilst sober and with church folk, but my inappropriateness usually only happens when I'm drunk. In any case, there's nothing like some Dickens, carol's, and a hilarious fake dog (I NEED one!) to spark an inkling of Christmas spirit, which quickly fizzled. However, as it is meant to do, it did make me feel as though I lack enough regard for the poor. It also put me in the mood to watch Little Women.

I've received advice from a couple people to try to seduce my crush, consequently "stealing" him from his new gal...and I see a few problems with this as follows:
1. I don't think I have the confidence or knowhow to attempt such an endeavor, resulting likely in humiliation without the desired result.
2. Though I'm fairly certain they have only been dating a month or two, I would feel bad chasing after someone's boyfriend, and
3. If he was interested in me in "that way" I think I'd know it by now.
It isn't like I'm devastated or anything. It's often just fun and distracting to have a crush (overanalyzing any look or conversation, getting all nervous and blushy, a reason to not look like a slob). I mean, I barely know the guy, though of course we could be deliriously happy if given the chance. Really though, I'm happy that he's getting some action, and I wish them the best (until he realizes she's lame and dumps her for me). Perhaps I'm sickly addicted to rejection, I mean, there's plenty of old men who want to get in my pants, but yet I pine for those who are unavailable or uninterested.

They are doing a trial period of scaling back the smoking ban in Mpls., interesting....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I get home from work yesterday, and am pleased to see that Betsy has an attractive young man over, both are already drunk off Jim Beam and time spent at the Dragon. Betsy has been heartbroken as of last week. She had been hoping that things were rekindled with her ex, but he recently informed her otherwise, so I'm happy that she and her hot co-worker (who shares her love for 60's/70's soul and r&b) are hanging out outside of work. They take off and I make myself dinner, watch a little Felicity, then head over to the local shop to read. My crush is working and the place is packed, the only available seat is at the front counter, and I am pleased to take my seat, hoping for the opportunity to chat with my love interest. Instead I bury my nose in Harry Potter and keep to myself, listening in on his conversation with his buddy and adding a couple sarcastic comments when appropriate. The conversation turns toward christmas gifts and how the buddy hadn't gotten anything for his girlfriend yet, and then the dreaded words..."what did you get for (girlfriend's name here)?" Tickets to the ballet, how cliche huh? Said girlfriend shows up within the half hour and I'm subjected to pecks on the cheek and back rubbing within 3 feet of my presence. Thoughts of "this is totally lame" and "I'm way more attractive than she is" roll around in my head and I move to a recently emptied seat in the other room and attempt to get lost in the realm of Hogwarts, but to no avail. Well, it's getting late and there is still a couple episodes of Felicity waiting to be watched and cookie dough to be eaten in my depressed state so I head home. As I'm leaving I get asked out by yet another unattractive old guy who keeps talking about how I make him "melt" while I'm trying to make it clear that I just want to get home. Now I'm thinking about avoiding the local shop since I A. no longer have a chance with the object of my affection, and B. keep getting hit on by old men. Betsy comes home shortly after, still drunk, and makes me laugh hysterically by sharing excerpts of her scathing letter to the ex, and how hot, fun and manly her new crush is. She lends an understanding ear to my tale of unrequited love, I support her villification of her ex (with whom she is still obviously in love), we watch an old man cry on antiques roadshow and finally retire to our respective quarters.

Time for angsty chick music.

Monday, December 12, 2005

support what?

I just got an email asking to support the smoking ban from a co-worker, apparently they are considering "scaling back" the ban in Henn. cty. At first I thought, alright, maybe they will allow smoking in bars again, but after putting my coat on after an evening in smoky Costello's in St. Paul, it is pretty disgusting to smell of stale smoke. I actually like the ban, but I won't be opposed to letting bars that have more sales in liquor allow smoking, like in St. Paul.

It's balmy out today.

I think I'm going to join a choir that one of the nurses belongs to at some church, she seems pretty excited by the idea of me joining anyways. It's just an informal thing, so I think it would be fun, and maybe there will be hot choir boys in it. Nothing turns me on more than a guy with a lovely voice who likes to sing sacred music.

I have a lot going on this week, I'll be missing the amazing race finale (I know, I know) tomorrow to go to the Guthrie and ses A Christmas Carol, wed. night going to First Ave., thur. is book club, which I still have to read the book, good grief. I'd like to go to the Turf Club tomorrow night after the play too, hmmm, it's not like I really need a good nights sleep to function, right?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

been thinking (yeah, I shocked myself too)

I imagine (or hope?) everyone looks at themselves, as I do sometimes (daily), and thinks, yeah, I'm just a bit f-ed up in the head, so yeah, just been thinking lately.

A valient effort in defending Jackson Browne, MS Flava, but I'm not buying it, best sophomore album my ass, and now, thanks to you, I have Dr. My Eyes in my head. Frampton, I'm actually pretty indifferent toward, but Browne, there's just something about that faux sensitivity that gets to me.

Happy birthday Sally Poppins, miss that dinosaur impression of yours.

Friday, December 09, 2005

and a bit more

I'm bored out of my gizzard today.

I'd like to know if anyone would admit to being an actual fan of Peter Frampton, other than my mother. Anyone? MS Flava, I bet you are, I mean, you like Jackson Browne.


I finally got my secret santa gift...some bath stuff.

Matt is booked for like 2 weeks, sigh, 2 whole weeks before I get to admire his dark handsomeness while he cuts my hair.


I was told today I look like fiestaware, I'm not sure how to take that.

I need a haircut.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

cold as balls: the apartment chronicles

The hike in gas prices has prompted the 'ol landlord to keep our apartment at what feels like a balmy 50 degrees or so, I don't know how cold it really is, but it feels darn cold. In addition he's making us pay extra to help with the cost, the whole thing stinks, and causes goose pimples. My father was always a stickler about heat too, he was a hardy farm boy though, he and his brothers probably all snuggled in the same bed with one quilt to share or curled up on the dirt floor by the wood stove, so any requests I made for warmth received little sympathy. So though I'm no stranger to wearing a coat in my home, I had enjoyed as an adult to be able to turn up the heat if I so choose, but I have no control in our current situation.

America's favorite Amazing Race family (the Bransen's of course), have made it to the final three!! I think we should have a set time of prayer for them, tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. work for everyone?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

solved mysteries and unmentionables to be mentioned

A helpful commenter has confirmed that humans unfortunately do not have gizzards. But, is there any sort of gizzard-like organ that has since gone into unuse (like the appendix from what I understand) or maybe serves a relatively similar function? Just a sampling of the thought-provoking questions that has come about, I can practically hear the synapses popping in my head.

There is also some intrigue in regards to my choice in longjohns. I will oblige those inquiring minds with detailed descriptions of my three is off-white, one heather gray, and one pale pink (today's choice), no butt flaps, and the gray and off-white ones are not necessarily designed for women if you know what I mean.

Monday, December 05, 2005

cold as balls...winter '05-'06

Getting to be that time of year again, I can say without a doubt its been cold as balls, broke out my longjohns this morning.

After Jenni and I had a hearty laugh over her gizzard comment, we pondered if human's have gizzards, I promised to google within a fortnight. A quick search for "do humans have gizzards", and humans+gizzards did not lend me much information about the subject except for scientific journals that were over my head, so it still remains a mystery.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

"thank you for persevering"

That's what one of the nurses said to me last night at our office Christmas party. I wasn't really sure what she meant by that, persevering where? at work? my job isn't all that strenuous so that's no big deal, at the party? I guess I did get a bit lost on the way, but I quickly got on the correct route again, once again, not a big deal. In any case it was kind of her to say. I was actually being half hugged left and right and apparently my presence was appreciated since I was told as much more than once. Maybe I appear love deprived, so they were trying to make it up to me, who knows? The big boss's daughter (who works with us too) and I were like giggly schoolgirls, sharing dirty jokes and poking harmless fun at certain individuals. She's 20, so I threw in the "in my generation", into our conversation which I was quite pleased with. AND, I actually won something for once, a $25 gift certificate to the grocery store, I was so excited, I raised a fist in triumph. My experimental cake didn't turn out as great as I hoped, but it did look rather festive, I think I made myself sick prior by eating too much cake batter and cream cheese frosting.

I feel rejuvenated today, I slept until like 10:30 and had a pretty relaxing sunday, but soon I must depart to sing with the instant choir at church, where I feel inadequate with all those other vocally trained singers. My crush is looking rather handsome today, hmmmm.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Jenni said "bored out of his gizzard" the other night, now that's funny.

Friday, December 02, 2005

neighborhood Walgreens

neighborhood Walgreens
Originally uploaded by snielson.

Here's my neighborhood Walgreen's, I forgot I had one more pic left on my camera when I was dropping it off.

Me, Clara, Teddy, and Mark (a.k.a. Marcus)

Me, Clara, Teddy, and Mark
Originally uploaded by snielson.

Boy, do I look hot, especially with my greasy hair that was on it's fourth day of unwash, actually it also is wet since I had just gotten out of the shower. There's my brother who finally emerged, this is right before we hit the road to come back to MN.


Originally uploaded by snielson.

Ben, Teddy and Jade climbing. Teddy had no fear and went higher than Ben, I probably wouldn't have gotten much higher than Jade.

Romaine and Clara

Romaine and Clara
Originally uploaded by snielson.

I had to sneak this pic of Romaine since she hates having her picture taken...but that is her and baby Clara, Noelle's back and Tom

Noelle and Elle

Noelle and Elle
Originally uploaded by snielson.

sister Noelle and niece Elle

Tom, Jade, Teddy, and Phil throwing rocks

Tom, Jade, Teddy, and Phil throwing rocks
Originally uploaded by snielson.

My brother's-in-law with Jade and The Tedmeister

Jade and Cat

Jade and Cat
Originally uploaded by snielson.

Jade and one of the many cats

view from Romaine and Phil's

view from Romaine and Phil's
Originally uploaded by snielson.

they have a cute house, minus the cat smell, and with the surrounding mountains it is quite lovely.

Elle, Ben, Clara, and Jade

Elle, Ben, Clara, and Jade
Originally uploaded by snielson.

The nieces and nephews, minus Teddy, who was acting like a hellion at the moment.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I arrived to work pleased to find a cornucopia of parking available relatively close to my building. In order to avoid paying something like 10 cents/hr parking in the ramp I opt for street parking.

I just opened something called a "savings" account, apparently you leave money in it for emergency's or large purchases or to accrue interest, it's somewhat of a foreign concept to me and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Actually I opened it to pretend I might have a little chunk of money in it mostly for overdraft protection, but I'll surprise myself if I keep a balance of more than $1 in it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

mmmm, tasty and pleasing to the eye

I just made an easy $40 doing a taste test that took just over an hour. If only I could make a career out of taste testing, I'd be fed, wouldn't have to put in a whole ton of hours to make a decent living, and the most greuling part of it is forming some sort of opinion, checking boxes and writing a few comments. Unfortunately you have to "qualify" which isn't as easy as it seems it should be.

Well, I'm tired, and I have to deal with my brother who got stranded up here in the cities which is making me slightly crabby, and it's 11:30 and I haven't smoked yet today, I shall go remedy that right now.

Monday, November 28, 2005

chocly anyone?

So I did end up securing the rental car, and made it to my sister's and back. My brother had the bright idea of taking the S. Dakota route because he "hates Nebraska", which added about 3 hours to our drive, we pulled in about 5 a.m., and was wakened mere hours later by screaming children, my brother on the other hand was pretty much non-functional the entire time we were there, he regained functionality just in time for us to drive back.

So, you know how you get with your family and you are pretty much sucked back into your childhood roles, or at least you aren't seen as an independent adult no matter how old you get or how long you've been out supporting yourself. Romaine, my oldest sister (just had her 40th b-day on friday), had this extremely grating way of treating me as though I hadn't progressed beyond age 12, or maybe even 10, pointing out obvious shit for example, "this car is an automatic", Oh really?, I hadn't yet learned the difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission, thanks, I guess you learn something new every day. So I can't say I wasn't a little short with her due to my annoyance. My nephew Teddy can best be described as a little hellion, the poor kid has absolutely no boundaries, is never punished and is only bribed with chocolate. And her obsession with cats is beyond anything normal, apparently she cut back to 12, and I'm sure not without much complaint. I love Romaine, really, but she needs some serious therapy. Per usual, my other sister, Noelle, and her husband balanced it out with their normalcy and their well behaved children. Overall I had a lovely time, once I got past the cat pee smell, and my niece is a sweet little babe, I just hope she stays mellow, for her sake and my sister's.

I came home to the pleasant surprise of a clean apartment, not just a quick cleansing either, Betsy really went to town and scrubbed and stuff, the pumpkin was gone, cats alive and seemingly well fed, it was great.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the opposite of a totally rad?, totally bad

If all went according to plan, I'd be a quarter of a way to Colorado right now, arriving at my sister's in the mid-morn, but as usual, something stupid must happen to foil my happy plan, such as my driver's license being in a "pending" status, preventing me from renting needed mode of transport to traverse the open and/or mountainous road. Apparently there was a "glitch". This "glitch" seems to be a recurring problem that rears it's ugly head as inopportune times, like when I'm reuniting with my high school crush after a long separation, or when I'm supposed to reunite with siblings of yore and meet my niece. See, I was pulled over a few years back, because I was driving along on the freeway and was so rude as to not change into the next lane over when passing the cop and the unfortunate one he had pulled over prior to myself. I didn't have my insurance card on me so I went in to court with card in hand thus proving I was indeed insured at time of said incident. Clearly there was much going on in the head of the clerk and she failed to put a red check next to my name, or whatever the procedure is to indicate that I had done my part. Fast forward to a year later, I'm driving from Brenda's daughter's birthday party to meet my aforementioned crush, who I hadn't seen in a couple years. It's cloudy and sprinkling a bit so I have my windshield wipers going periodically, but unfortunately it hadn't occured to me to put on my headlights, since it was mid-afternoon. So I get pulled over for this reason, not having my headlights on. I'm informed that my license is suspended and that my car will be towed. So as soon as I drive myself back to MplsI again go to the courthouse and argue my case, all is well, or so I thought. Fast forward like 3 years later, to today, I go to budget rental to pick up the car and get on the road and well, my license is denied. I panicked, thinking it was my unpaid parking tickets and cursing my irresponsibility, questioning my stupidity at choosing to sleep in instead of getting my ass to yes, the courthouse, to get those taken care of. So I call to get the scoop and see what can be done, am put on hold for a good hour, and am told it's this "glitch" from a few years ago, that I'm actually o.k. to drive even with a "pending" license, but try telling that to the budget people. The lady, who is very helpful, tells me she'll go to the appropriate people to rectify the situation, but that it usually takes 24-48 hours, well, by that time what's the point, and I explain as much and she offers to get on it and will tell them to fix it ASAP. I call a couple hours later and I'm now "valid", so again I go to budget, but no dice, I have to call the corporate office to get it cleared and they don't open til 8 a.m. So here I am, at the local shop after an intense episode of the amazing race (go Bransen's, you kick ass!), and some bonding with Betsy watching SATC, intrigued by this woman that my current crush is sitting with, wondering if they are "together", oh the torture, oh what a shitty day!

At least it only took 15 minutes to fix my chipped tooth, not chipped by biting on something hard, or even firm, but by flossing.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


So there's a rotting pumpkin on our mantle from Halloween, which was once a lovely vision of carved fruit? vegetable? I guess I'm not sure what a pumpkin is...anyways, it has slowly but surely been transforming itself into an aromatic blob, due to dear Betsy's messy nature, well, and I guess I haven't cared enough to throw it out either. If it is still there when I get back from my sibling bonding time I will likely be disgusted enough to take matters into my own hands.

So thanks to Jenni and her generous lending of her laptop (thanks Jenni!) this is my first post from my local shop, where it is crowded, but no crush in sight....sigh.

My weekend was a decent mix of high productivity and sheer laziness. I'm really not looking forward to driving all night tues. night, I plan on making my brother drive through the mountainous parts and I'll stick to the easy stuff like Nebraska.

I'm wondering if my ol' friend Sally is still alive (MS flava, perhaps you can answer this for me) if so a text would be nice, or a phone call even better.

Friday, November 18, 2005

hooked up

I got Jenni's laptop hooked up with a wireless card (uh, Jenni, I'm still using your laptop by the way, hope you don't mind), so now I can go to my local shop and blog and surf to my hearts desire, with the added bonus of sideway glances at my unrequited coffeeshop love. I feel so technologically advanced now.

Had our first book club meeting last night which was a raging success and Cassie an excellent host as always. I got tipsy (for real tipsy, not drunk trying to pass of as tipsy as I'm prone to do) and reflecting upon the evening I may have been slightly obnoxious as I'm also prone to be when tipsy or drunk.

yay, Olivia guess what song is playing, that Janet Jackson song about the nice package that we used to belt out at Margarita's. If you even read this thing..what with all your european adventures your having.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

it's about time...I guess

Finally it is cold and snowing, we've had very nice weather for the most part until yesterday, so I guess it is officially winter. This is less than exciting.

Feeling somewhat disheveled these days, been meaning to clean/organize, and just haven't had much time. Christmas is right around the corner, which is just swell.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

give it a try

Actually I've found that working hard is actually somewhat pleasant and rewarding. I leave work feeling like I've accomplished something and earned my wages. Besides which our whole team has really come together to get caught up on a huge amount of work that a few days ago felt like a lost cause, but we are making some serious progress and may get caught up even before we planned on. I think I was mostly feeling bad about getting in trouble, I'm kinda goody two shoesish or at least can pull it off rather well, so thinking that my manager may be dissapointed in me left me feeling bad, but she's cool as always and has made it clear that it isn't an issue anymore.

Time is flying it is already almost mid Nov., so much to do and little time to do it. I forgot both my parent's birthdays I just realized, I usually send a card or give a call, whoops. It's been so warm here still that it just doesn't seem like thanksgiving is around the corner, though that will be ending quite shortly I'm sure.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

rebel rebel

So yeah, anyways, my manager had a little chat with me, so I need to be limited in my online use. Which of course makes sense, I know I don't work as hard as I could or should, however, she mentioned herself that she should be monitering others too since they spend there fair share wasting time as well, but I'm the one that got the kick in the ass, and that is the irritating part, that I feel like the black sheep now. It's all good. Just makes me realize that I would do much better in a job that challenges me and all the more motivation to move on in the next few months.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


so I got in a bit o' trouble here at my place of employment, and as much as I hate to dissapoint, my posting may be a bit more sporadic since there is a more watchful eye...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I never

I'm wondering if I've felt such a lack of brain activity as I do now. I have ceased to think deeply about things, at least for the time being.

Just overheard a bit of MN nice, you know the not so witty banter consisting of a couple of really poor jokes in this case about a common last name here in MN and scandinavion roots. I understand smalltalk is a necessary element of socializing, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy it, it is awkward, uninteresting, and surface, though some seem to have it down to an art form. Myself, not so much, I don't even usually reply back with a "how are you".

I really enjoy Betsy, but the girl is even messier than I am, and I'm used to Olivia picking up after me not contributing to the mess. She's so cute though, I'll have to try and get a picture of her. Not sure if I feel comfortable yet saying, hey, lets take a picture together, but maybe I can sneak one. She and I were pondering sex, or lack of in our cases...and had the idea to have a party inviting prospects of the opposing gender. I recall when Olivia and I decided last minute to throw our christmas party just so we'd have an excuse to invite cute boys, mine a random parking ramp boy (with cute curly hair) and hers the infamous Luke from class. It was a bust for both of us since neither of our interests showed, but we did have the avant-garde tree and Charlie Brown christmas.

Monday, November 07, 2005

who done it?

The murder mystery party was a good time, I mostly just laughed at others rather than being very much in character (Sadistic nurse Sally). Olivia...wish you coulda been there. It was much better than the party I attended friday night at my co-workers, other than Lori and Angela (who though she talks too much much of the time, I still enjoy her company) it mainly consisted of Holly's high school friends. I'm pretty amazed at how connected they have all stayed, not venturing much beyond the suburb they all grew up in. In any case I usually feel a bit out of place at her shindigs, though at one point there were 4 gals from the same high school working here due to Holly, so I do know them.

Wow, nothing but excitement and intrigue going on in the depths of my mind...

Friday, November 04, 2005


Chuckle is one of my favorite words, I much prefer it to giggle, unless the giggling is being done by a guy.

Went Salsa dancing at first ave. last night for the first time in jeez, well over a year. Only saw one of the old gang. It was rather fun but I'm rather tired today.

I'd like to say I've been thinking deep thoughts lately but in all honesty I can't claim that to be the case. I'm really quite content with things right now and it's been pretty consistent. Of course I'm sure something will happen to completely stress me out soon enough, but I haven't felt truly down in a while, quite a different state than I was in at this time last year. So of course decreased amounts of angst makes for lack of interesting thoughts...that I would be willing to share here anyways.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

new addition

My sister had her baby, a girl, her name is Claire, 7 lbs 2 oz or something like that. It's all very exciting and lovely.

Hmmmm, well, work is busy today, not that I have much of interest to say anyways.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

let's hate those we don't know personally, shall we?

Not really, but it must be admitted that us Bransen family supporters are in consensus with the others in the race and their apparent dislike of the Weaver family. Damn them for beating the Gaghan family, the nice, positive family, it made us ladies cry for those cute kids.

I had something of a photo shoot yesterday, this photographer emailed me because of my homely ad and wanted asked if I'd be willing to be photographed. I agreed since he said it wasn't anything kinky, like a homely girl swimsuit calendar or something, we then exchanged a few emails mostly talking about art related things. Anyways, it was fun though I felt more than a bit self-concious, and he was a cool will be interesting to see how they turned out.

Monday, October 31, 2005

what a spooktacular day

more like just a regular day, and I don't plan on participating in any Halloweenish activities today. I do get to dress up as a sadistic nurse this coming weekend for our murder mystery party. What's really spooky is that I made it to work on time this morning, I even washed my hair.

This morning Betsy and I were looking at the neighborhood crime report and pondering the difference between burglary, larceny, and robbery...apparently larceny is theft w/o force or illegal entry, burglary is breaking and entering, and robbery is theft with force or threat of force...thanks to google. It appeared a residence was burgled very near to our own home, we also had a good chuckle over saying the word burgled.

I had the pleasure of spending some refreshingly quality one on one time with my dear friend Jenni last night. Been missin' that 'ol gal.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

mundane details of my lame weekend

Trying to restrain myself from singing along to the Dylan song on the radio, so as to not to subject the others' in the office to my lacking vocal talent, it is proving to be rather difficult though. Alyssa told me I should just belt it out and no one would mind.

Would've been a lovely night to go to a Halloween party last night, had Cassie not been so lame...and had I had a bit 'o courage to go by my lonesome. So I spent an exciting evening at home with Felicity, Ben, Noel and Co., started the fourth and final season, also had a lengthy chat with Fujipants.

Friday, October 28, 2005


on Six Feet Under...just started the second season last night with Cassie and Sarah, at least we make it a social event. How many series can one be hooked on at one time, currently I'm at about 4, I don't know where that falls in comparison to other TV watchers.

My review went very well, I got a nice raise and I should be receiving a decent chunk of money due to retro pay. My manager is the best really, she did mention that I should be more aware of my time spent online and I of course had to agree, but other than that she was very complimentary.

Just confirmed plans to go to my sister's for thanksgiving in CO, my other sister will also be there with her family and my brother and I will drive out together. My niece or nephew should be born any day now, I'm hoping it's a girl. It should be quite an event; 6 adults, four kids from ages 2-5, one newborn, and about 20 cats.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

i suck, u suck

Still feeling like a major jerk/chump. I tried to apologize in the best manner I knew how, but to no avail...ah well, what can you do.

Roomate Betsy and I bonded last night watching commentary on Purple Rain...we concur that Prince looks like a bad kisser in that movie, although he is still undeniably sexy.

Have my job review today...chose to be an hour late to work this morning not knowing that I'd have my review, not that it should matter too much, as in I'm certain I won't be punished for it. Was out a little late enjoying the sucky bands at the Uptown, had been a good while since I'd been there. I used to frequent there when I lived mere blocks away, to hear the more often than not crap bands that played tue. and wed. cover free.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

oh boy

I screwed up and am feeling rather shitty about it, meaning I said (or wrote rather) something that hurt someone else, and there is really no way of me justifying it, so I just have to stew in my sorry state.

Monday, October 24, 2005

can I choke the cat please? (Olivia)

I'm tired, and I'll tell you why (if you care) because the cat was sporadically scratching on the litter box throughout the night, this is a very irritating sound, and I'm fairly certain that the cat has it out for me. I eventually decided I didn't care if the cat went potty elsewhere and shut the bathroom door so I could get some sleep (although I guess it would have made sense to move the litter box). Of course then they proceeded to run about in frisky delight. Don't worry Olivia, I won't choke your cat, in fact I'm sure she'll look at me with her sweet face and all will be forgotten.

Apparently I'm in a bitchin' and moanin' mood.

Debbie gave an excellent sermon last night, a synopsis by me wouldn't do it justice but it was good stuff.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I implore you to please shut up...please?

Sitting at work mid-morning on a sunday, total of five people in the office, one of which being my co-worker who has decided that everyone cares about every detail of her life, which consists of her working, going to school, or being at home with her dogs, and now her newfound passion for finding a townhouse. A while back, when I sat near a window and was not so depressed because I had rays of sunshine draped on my person for most of the day...I sat next to said co-worker and could handle her incessant talking, then I was moved, not far away, but enough so that one would think that the jabbering could be avoided easily. Not the case, not when her voice is so loud that I could scrunch up in the freezer and freeze to death and still probably hear her, hear her tell her stories over and over again to anyone that crosses her path, or anyone she seeks out to tell, basically I hear the same things approximately 20 times a day. She can't even get the fucking townhouse for months! months! please SHUT UP ABOUT IT! and your dogs too while your at it. She tried to talk my ear off when I got here but I managed to dissuade her, and it helped that I had to answer the phone.

I had my first official outing with roomate Betsy, she scored free tickets to the theater that her ex works at, so we went and saw Antigone. It was good, a little umm, different, but good, I imagine Greek tragedies are difficult to pull off. At one point the prophet dude pulled a goat head out from under his cloak, it was rather random and funny.

Friday, October 21, 2005

I shoulda

after pondering my car situation, I really shoulda just given up on my car and bought Todd's, after they already did the exhaust work, they informed me that the T-rod something or another needs to be replaced which would be an additional three hundred or so (which I decided to wait on), so the grand total to fix my car would have been just about as much to buy Todds newer car with far less miles and a working radio, even a CD player! I'm a little bummed about not putting more thought into this. Oh well, my car may not have any tunes, but it does have character.

I met the musician/boring guy for coffee last night and he turned out to not be boring. He was outgoing, very stable kind of guy, very friendly, good-looking, so not a bad time at all. So far every guy I've met has been very decent, can't complain at all.

My possible rant was about friendships...I mean I love all my friends so I want none to take this personal (you know who you are), but I think it's pretty obvious friendships take effort on both sides...if you want the frienship to last of course. It's the ol' talk vs. action. and which speaks louder.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

yeah, that's right

Sorry all you fans out there, haven't had time to write much...

Jenni, I had a great time with you the other night...

Car is fixed, life is good, possibly will have a rant for tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

oh come now

I'm fine, really I am.

My car is making some weird sound now in addition to the muffler falling off. Fantastic, I will find out the verdict on thurs when I get my oil changed I suppose.

I think I need to tell Jenny P. that I am not going to her wedding this winter. She is getting married in Jamaica and I really don't see how I'll be able to afford it, but I think she has high hopes for me being there. She offered to pay for my passport, but I have a hard time taking her money and then down the road not being able to go. She is my oldest friend, but well, when one decides to get married in another country, one should not have high expectations for attendence.

Monday, October 17, 2005

self-proclaimed lame artist

that's me, whilst spending time this weekend at the art crawl, it was reinforced how lame I am as an artist, or lack of artist, since I make zero art these days. Whether or not I will be inspired to make something is yet to be seen. I did make a connection (sorta) with the guy that I previously blogged about that owns a gallery in Mpls. that I sorta had a crush on way back when, I had bummed him a smoke at the local shop a few weeks ago and so he recognized me and I impressed him with my fantastic memory (when really, I noticed him there since I'd seen/crushed on him at his gallery, though I can't say I'm still crushing on him now.)

Anyways, from my so far adventures in internet dating I have learned...
-Having as few expectations as possible is a very good thing
-It takes up time, time that I often would/like to spend alone
-I have issues

I was also confronted about being bitchy this weekend by a certain friend who shall remain nameless, have to admit that my feelings were a little hurt, not to say I'm not or haven't been bitchy, because I am/have been, but I thought I had restrained myself lately, seeing as how the issue I was bitchy about isn't really an issue in my mind anymore if that makes any sense. If you'd like to know how I really feel.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

you'd think they'd be smarter

those RN's, but they keep making the same mistakes over and over, so I have to fix them, they also don't chart completely which makes that a little difficult sometimes.

I had a good time last night with the german guy (he's not really german, just been living there for the past year or so), good conversation anyways.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

so proud

The Bransen family really was impressive last night, way to go folks!, first place and free gas.

ummm, well, I've been so busy lately I haven't even had time to sit and watch an episode of felicity. This also leaves me little time to ponder life.

Olivia, thanks for the goodies and the fun letter, miss you!

Monday, October 10, 2005

cheesy music and cheesecake

Maybe it's because Wisconsin is known for it's affinity for cheese, but something about driving through that state makes listening to cheesy music not only bearable, but enjoyable, not to mention a revival of passion for classic rock. I had a lovely time with Cassie and her family in the windy city, witnessing the gritty aspects of her family dynamics, but still feeling very welcomed as a honorary family member for the weekend. The exhibit was excellent, although I took too much time at the beginning and felt rushed toward the end since the museum was closing. The marathon was thrilling, Eli kicked ass and I was very impressed with all who participated. My only complaint was not seeing Sally and Co., and having to burden myself onto Cassie's fam for the entire time, who I observed are very loud and very different from my own family. Cassie hid the fact that she was snacking on cheesecake on the ride home and apologized later for not sharing with me, knowing of my deep love for cheesecake. Fortunately someone brought in cheesecake to work today.

German boy had to cancel on me tonight due to illness, so we rescheduled for wed., I'm a little dissapointed, but oh well.

Friday, October 07, 2005

my #1 fan

Looking at my site meter, I am my own #1 fan, and I guess that is rightly so, if you aren't you're own #1 fan, how can you expect anyone else to be a fan.

German guy does not hate me and we have plans for monday. I've also been emailing some musician guy that although he's a musician so far has seemed fairly boring, he writes in very simple sentences anyways, but he claims to have dated Sheila E's little sister, but hasn't met Prince, only been in the same room with him, what a dissapointment.

I'm anticipating a fun filled weekend in Chicago with Cassie, and I should be able to set eyes on Sally, Beth, and MS Flava, look at some good art, and maybe eat a hot dog.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

thrown out

I decided if I had no idea what a bunch of numbers on a post-it meant, that it was probably safe to toss it. What if inanimate objects had feelings, what if your purpose was meant to be disposable, like a post-it. Would you try to relish the time you have, fulfilling your duty to the best of your ability, or just half ass it thinking nobody was willing to see your true worth so why even try.

If any of you (Olivia) might be curious about what has come about from my personal ad, I will update y'all. I've hung out with brunch guy since we had brunch a couple times, since he likes punk and is punkish I will call him punk boy. I think we could have a really great relationship if it was strictly online, since we exchange witty and entertaining emails, but in real life I'm not so sure as he is almost in my too weird category (the majority of guys that show interest in me are in this category). Punk boy is definitely weird, but also very smart and nice, not bad looking, and appears to like me a lot, so I am not opposed to hanging out with him at this point.

I met a guy for ice cream on Sat. not expecting much since we didn't email about anything but smalltalk, but he has only lived here a couple months and was looking to meet people here so I agreed to meet him. Physically he was actually more attractive than I thought he'd be, so I was pleasantly surprised in that regard. He was also very nice, talking wasn't too uncomfortable, but overall he kinda bored me.

I had also been exchanging emails with a guy who is currently in Germany for grad school but is from Mpls. With him I've exchanged deeper emails covering religion and relationships mostly, and I am excited to meet him as he returns to MN this week and we are supposed to hang out next week. However I haven't heard from him in a few days so either he's busy preparing for his return or he hates me, which I'm more inclined to think because I'm insecure and freakish like that, even though he has no reason to hate me, and in his last email actually seemed excited to meet me as well.

Since I didn't respond at all to about 95% of my responses figuring I don't have time to keep track of everyone and then meet people and whatnot, that's about it. There were some that intrigued me that I sorta regret not responding to, but oh well, maybe I missed out on the love of my life, that's how it goes sometimes.

Other than my coffee shop crush who I'm trying to pretend to myself that I'm no longer interested in, the guy I really want to see again is the cute guy that talked to me last week as I was going to my car. Hmmm, maybe I can post a missed connection on CL and see what happens....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

doing the moron dance

My car was towed this morning, I only carefully read the sign that said 1 hr parking from 9 am-6 pm, since I parked at 8 pm and was going to leave for work by about 8 am, I decided it was all good, had I carefully read the other sign that said no parking from 7-9 am, I would have avoided towing. I feel dumb and rather pissed at myself for being stupid. I should just learn to love being poor because I'm ridiculously moronic when it comes to money, embrace it.

I really like Betsy, I definitely lucked out with my roomate situation, she's wicked cool.

ugh, I'm such a moron.

Monday, October 03, 2005

missing out

I think I may miss the corn maze again this year.

It was a beautiful weekend weather wise. My brother was up in the cities for his b-day on Sat. and so I got to meet all his wacky friends who were quite entertaining. I decided to opt out of going to bondage night at ground zero, something about seeing my brother spanked didn't really appeal to me. He turns 30 this year, thirty is just around the corner for me, how scary.

Friday, September 30, 2005

it's your anniversary

I kinda feel like I should be receiving gifts, some fine crystal, a new cd, jewelry of some sort, except I don't wear much jewelry, maybe a pair of shoes, that's something I could use. That Tony! Toni! Tone! song is in my head.

And I promised a mindblowing post, I was going to think about it last night but was too busy. I thought about doing a hundred things about me post, but it seems to be too late for that.

So I read my first post, and I think I will reflect upon if I've changed in the past year. First of all I still don't have many regular readers besides my friends, and I don't think they even read regularly, and I still worry about revealing my dorkiness. I'm still not over myself as I continue to be obsessed with myself and consequently self concious, however, I feel that I have slightly improved in accepting my idiosyncrasies. I continue to be socially inept but with the advice of my former therapist and friends I am trying to fake it, at least every once in a while. I still talk quietly as people often point this out to me, and then they usually point out that I have a very loud laugh (infectious, as I've been told). A relationship (or non-relationship) ended that needed to end as I was crying on a daily basis and not from happiness. I made a small step towards a goal of trying to figure out what to do other than work here and live in Mpls. My relationship with my family has remained pretty much the same. Friends have come and gone, I've gotten closer to some and grown apart from others, but I still love them a whole lot, and we've gone through some difficult things this past year. I got to explore the good 'ol U.S.A a little.

Hmmm, well not mind-blowing, and no sordid secrets either. But it's my blog, and I'll reflect if I want to.

Happy anniversary to me.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Instead of the crap I write here on a daily basis, I will try to write something profound for my one year blog anniversary. Perhaps I will reveal a shady secret...doubtful, or hmmm I don't know, but it will be at least adequate. If I set high standards then I will hopefully measure up.

Looking at my desk I notice I have several post it notes that I have no idea what they are referring to, yet I can't get rid of them because I fear they may have important info. on them.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

under the weather

that's how I'm feeling, I called in late to work, got here and realized I didn't really need to be here.

Beth, if you're listening, you kicked ass on the amazing race, it was so fun to watch you.

If people don't shut up about my tights I may lash out, it may sound weird, but I get upset about people complimenting me sometimes, or more annoyed by it. Yes, I know my tights are cute, that is why I'm wearing them. And yes I get annoyed by stupid things.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

what is he thinking?

My Grandpa got hitched last weekend. He's in his mid? late? 80's and married a woman who I think is 49 and he's known for maybe 3 months. This has disturbed my family since we think he's getting swindled. Oh well, not much to be done about it, concern had already been expressed and he clearly did his own thing.

It's starting to get a little chilly. My one year blog anniversary is coming up on friday. Who from Bethel is reading my blog?? Well, whoever it is knows how much of a sinner I am.

Monday, September 26, 2005

so yeah

Well, I posted this tongue in cheek ad on craigslist personals about being homely looking for smokin' hot guy who makes cheesecake and I mentioned that I have a nice rack. So I got several was quite a witty post really. Anyways I met up with a guy yesterday for brunch, we had exchanged some pretty good emails. So although he isn't quite what I had expected I had an overall good time and he seems to like me. This is my first experiment with internet type dating or whatever so I'm just trying to have fun with it I guess. Coffee shop guy is either uninterested or something so I've kinda given up on him.

U2 was awesome, it was quite thrilling to be in their presence.

Betsy is cool, I haven't been home much to hang out with her and so the getting to know her is going a little slow, but she's very nice and laid back.

I must go home now and laze about.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

mikey, she likes me!

Nice to hear from you Sal. Looking forward to reunification someday.

Tonight I meet my new roomate Betsy, and in a couple days I won't have the place to myself anymore. Bummer, but oh well, maybe we'll be great friends.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the aftermath

No good story really. The concert was really good, we unfortunately missed most of Rilo Kiley, but other than the couple Johnny Cash covers Coldplay was good. I like Johnny Cash, but I don't want to hear him via Coldplay. Kevin, my date, well, he was very nice and talked a lot, looked o.k., etc., but not much connection. We did the obligatory we should hang out sometime, but I doubt that will happen. I mean, I got to go for free and he was nice company so I'm not complaining in the slightest.

I'm really tired and my tummy hurts.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


My small apartment is now stuffed with furniture, I think it makes it cozy, Olivia, I doubt you would be pleased however. I learned I can fit quite a bit into my hatchback.

I just called middle-aged nurse Lori to tell her the u2 ticket is hers if she wants it. I'm excited to go with her, she's like your friend's cool mom, she is so funny.

Hopefully I'll have a good story about my blind date.

Monday, September 19, 2005

my cup runneth over

Lots of stuff on my plate this week. Picking up furniture tonight and attempting to clean my old room for Betsy, Coldplay tomorrow, drawing nude model on wed. and more cleaning, meeting new roommate thurs., BONO and the gang friday, roommate moving in Sat. good grief I'm busy, but at least it is mostly with fun and excitement. I'll be at the Target center twice this week, that is ridiculous.

I kinda want a Mr. beer home brewing kit, wouldn't it be fun to make your own beer.

Went to the dentist today, and unfortunately the tooth that I already poured a few hundred into for root canal and crown needs another root canal. I have to go to a specialist and have some surgical procedure done. At least my other teeth are fine. I think my hygenest was high.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hey Olivia

Does the naked squirrel man have curly gray hair?? If so he's been lingering on the sidewalk near our house or across the street. Last night he was across the street just staring at the yard, house or tree, it was bizarre (yet fascinating), not that I expect normal behavior from the guy.

For the rest of you: Naked squirrel man is a man that lives in the second floor of the apartment building next door. He often leaves his window open in hopes that he will befriend a squirrel. He has a squirrel feeder by the window and gets angry at pigeons who try to partake in the squirrel food. I have never been witness to his nakedness (only shirtless), but Olivia has had the pleasure twice or thrice, apparently the window perfectly frames his manhood from the nipple line down to mid-thigh.

I won

I am the winner of going on a blind date to see Coldplay and Rilo Kiley tuesday night, apparently writing in complete sentences is a good thing. I love craigslist, I've found a roomate, rugs, lamp(s?), a date and free ticket for coldplay, free TV stand and potential table all in the past couple weeks.

Went to the Walker last night with Cassie and Eli, for the first time since they remodeled it to see the Chuck Close exhibit. Ran into old high school acquiantances, college acquaintance and our painting prof at Bethel. Did a fun project where we could manipulate a polaroid picture of ourselves.

I'm practically falling asleep at my desk, I have been staying up later than I should, and there is a variety of noises the cats make throughout the night that wake me, like scratching the plastic of the litter box, and Lucy needing love every morning between 5:30 and 6 a.m., she ignores me at any decent hour. Last night was kind of a bizarre night as well and I didn't sleep well, thinking about stuff.

What is going on with my coffee shop love interest you ask? A whole lot of nothing...well, I felt mildly rejected the other day, just mildly. I can't read him very well, but we seem to at least be in buddy status, and that's cool with me.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

one of those days

Today is kind of one of those days where you (or I specifically) want to live in a hole away from society. Like that book about that boy who lives in the tree which I can never remember the name of but Olivia knows. I'm feeling sorta like a freak of nature, I'm far too self-concious and I don't like it, I notice my heart racing and my hands shaking when I'm in social situations in which I don't feel comfortable, unless that is normal, I don't know. Ignorance is bliss, I'm not quite ignorant enough, close but no cigar.

I'm gonna fix me up a salad, I'm hungry.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

it's that time of year

for the Corn Maze! This year I may have a friend that might go with me. I want to conquer the corn maze.

I sold my second item on Ebay.

GG premier was satisfying.

Sarah Fuj, if you read this still, I hope your move went well and you are surviving the ghetto, call me. And Sally, I still want to be your friend, call me, and MS flava (and Sally), I'm coming to Chicago the weekend of Oct. 8-9th, if you want to see the Toulouse-Latrec exhibit with us, let me know.

Allright, back to the mound of work I have....

Monday, September 12, 2005


Middle aged nurse Lori might go see Bono with me, she may be middle aged, but she kicks ass.

don't let me down

I burned my tongue on my pot pie, I guess I should feel lucky that I have a tongue.

I just learned that I no longer have a concert going friend to see Bono I'll probably be rockin' out by myself with strangers, excellent.

Maybe I should wear false eyelashes, just for fun, along with our previous wig wearing plan.

Annoying nurse has returned from her trip, a much needed break. She demonstrated an italian kiss on me, she didn't actually kiss me but got a little closer than I would have liked. I'm not a touchy feely sort by any means so I value my personal space. She did bring chocolate back so I will cut her some slack.

Things are progressing nicely with my coffeeshop crush. I would go into further detail but have an irrational fear that he or someone that hangs out at the shop reads this, highly unlikely, but possible (since someone googled the shop name and got to my site), and then my crush would be revealed. Not that I'm not easily read anyways, since I'm a general dork, but even bigger dork around someone I like. In any case we have plans to hang out outside the shop realm this week.

Friday, September 09, 2005

what do you do when?

work is super busy, say 2 months behind in admitting not to mention all the other shit that will get behind while we are busy trying to catch up....

you change your blog colors

once again

Apparently an open box is too easily mistaken for a litter box, as I caught Lucy in the act this morning. I'm not sure what her confusion is, she's lucky she is cute and far less annoying than George otherwise she'd be way less forgiveable for ruining a lot of stickers.

I'm hoping to hit up some Garage sales this weekend, clean, perhaps the farmers market, I have to work too, maybe catch a movie, church, etc., etc.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

away from home

In an attempt to get our data entry caught up we have been displaced to another office building more free of distractions such as phones, annoying nurses, a more watchful eye to deter any unneccesary web surfing. Nice actually, I feel like I'm accomplishing a worthwhile amount of work. Other than butting heads with co-workers over music selection (my taste in music being impeccable of course), and the cold it is quite lovely here. Clean, nice colors, windows, quiet instead of the dump where I work.

I have a new roomate named Betsy, won't meet her until she moves in in a couple weeks since she is in Montana right now. I haven't lived with anyone I've not known since freshman year of college, but from our brief conversations she sounds nice and laid back, hopefully we will get along fine. Considering roomate hell of last year not much can be worse.

The cat peed on the church curriculum for some reason, I realize I changed litter brands on them but that was a few days ago and they seemed to adjust after the peeing in my clothes basket incident. If it was George, I had wondered if he was possesed the other day, the way the light was hitting his eyes made him look psychotic, and he kept making this odd sound. So perhaps the demon that has taken over George's small body just doesn't want children to learn about Jesus.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

buffalo pals

Part 3: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

-Upon arrival at the barns, we noticed a barricade made of a trailor and a man explaining to us that the barns were closed because they were changing the animals. No big pig for us.

-We walked by the dairy barn which sells excellent milkshakes. I pondered getting one, but was feeling the aftereffects of the deep fried snicker, which on its own does some damage. Add a milkshake to that and I don't even want to know what I'd be putting my body through.

-There was no bonsai or orchid display in the horticulture buiding, a dissapointment, but we did not despair. We admired some displays, some of which were done by Sarah's previous employer. I had a heck of a time looking at the flowers that had been in competition, espedailly the theme display's like dinner time, or fireworks, and other random categories.

-Onward to the Fine Arts buiding, feeling the time crunch. Having had my own submission to the State Fair show rejected a few years back, I always am interested to see what meets their standards as a fine piece of art. I learned that if I do a cheesy painting of a young lad sitting in the grass with his faithful friend, not only will my piece be accepted, but it will receive an honorable mention.

-With that said there was a fair amount worth seeing, and it was dissapointing that it closed before we were able to thoroughly peruse the entire building.

-Bull Bites and a beer were calling out to us with their siren song. Having already spent far more money than I had budgeted, I passed on my own order and just munched on Cassie's generous offering to share. As I finished my honeyweiss, I went to catch the tail end of the Temptations cover band they had in the bandshell, hoping to see some good dancing. I was more entertained by the random crowd and the number of middle aged women bustin' a move.

-Thankfully Cassie agreed to go to the Haunted House with me. Normal haunted house type stuff to make you scream and get your heart racing. Some dude whipping a chain that wouldn't let Cassie by until she asked him, and a scary swamp monster that was well concealed were the most memorable.

-It was late and we were worn, tired, but not hungry. The delimma was now the bus ride back to the car. This time we had Coby and the stroller. Sarah and the babe were forced to the back of the bus by the crowd while Cassie and I were left to listen to drunk obnoxious teenagers.

-Finally the bus stopped at the church, and someone kindly helped Sarah get Coby off the bus. I was dropped off at my car. We wished eachother goodnight.

The end.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

where are you?

I spend 2 full weeks with Sally after not seeing or hardly talking to her for a couple months, then she up and moves to Chicago and hardly keeps in touch. Sally, where's the love??

My coffeeshop crush did a little freestyle rap about me yesterday. I found it to be quite endearing. Now to continues the saga of our fair experience.

Part 2: The Food

-After Cassie and I get our $9 tickets and go through the gates, I head to the 4-h building to use the restroom and she heads over the the 3rd Lair to meet up with Sarah, Nixon, Coby and Emily and to find an ATM. The 4-H building is eerily quiet and I wonder why no one is looking at the exhibits, one of my favorite fair activities. The bathroom is nice and clean however.

-I walk over to the 3rd Lair and sit down with Nixon, Coby is in his stroller fascinated by a pinwheel, and Emily is marching around with a furry hat. Nixon and I exchange pleasantries and wait for Sarah and Cassie to return.

-Sarah and Cassie get back, and Sarah needs to feed Coby, Cassie and I are also hungry so off we go. I coerce Cassie to go to the Food building, she looks less than thrilled. Several options catch our eye, but we ended up being torn between the Sausage Sisters and Walleye on a stick. We put our heads together and formulated a plan. We would share the Sausage Sisters, and each get our own Walleye on a stick, then would maybe get cheesecurds later to share

-Perfect timing as we meet back up with Sarah, who had just finished feeding Coby. Nixon and Emily had gone, so it was us girls and the baby. Items on our agenda are as follows; Horticulture building (hoping that the bonsai and orchids were on display), Fine Arts building, the big pig, and I had my heart set on the haunted house.

-On our way to the horticulture building we spy the deep fried candybar booth. Cassie and I had already discussed our want for a deep fried snickers, and Sarah expressed interest as well. We each purchased our treats, and after biting into the sweetness decide we must get the all you can drink milk. We delayed our trip to the horticulture building and forged on to the milk booth.

-On the way I brag to Cassie and Sarah about my 4-H achievements at the Steele County Fair. Champion Indoor Gardening (yet these days I have difficulty keeping plants alive), Reserve Champion fine arts, Reserve Champion photography (but my dad actually took the picture, well, practically), Grand Champion market lamb, to name a few.

-Upon our arrival, co-worker Alyssa surprises me with baby Leah strapped to her stomach, and gets me excited about milk. Introductions are made and she and I bitch a little and exchange a bit of office gossip. Since I was going to be working in another office the next day, we planned to correspond via email, as she had a story to tell me that was apparently innapropriate to talk about right then.

-Sarah and I partake in 2 glasses of ice cold, refreshing 2% milk, Cassie did not partake of the milk.

-Since we were close to the barns we further postpone the horticulture building in hopes of seeing the Big Pig.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I would use that except its already been used. But really, I read back upon recent entries and feel they are rather....mundane. They might be of interest to my small group of friends but even then I don't know. Last night as we were piling into Cassie's new ride, excited that baby Coby's stroller fit in the back of her scion, I said, "I'll put that in my blog", which I just did, also stating that it would probably be more exciting than what I usually write on here.

Here's a step by step synopsis of our time at the Great Minnesota get Together a.k.a. the State Fair.

Part 1: The Quest

-Cassie and I are back and forth on our cell phones, trying to figure out where to meet b/c she's stuck in traffic, I suggest the Har Mar b/c I believe they have a park and ride, she agrees to meet there in front of Frank's, but she really means Michael's.

-I stop at good 'ol M+S coffeehouse since I was in the vicinity and hadn't checked it out since they remodeled. Hilde and Mark were there and I said hello. The interior was shockingly different, if I didn't have such fond memories of what M+S was I would think it was nice, but instead I felt some dissapointment. I got a coffee however, and noticed they had some delectable new treats. I made note of that and decided I would give the new M+S a chance in order to taste said treats.

-I figure I should bust to the Har Mar, I get there and there is in fact, no park and ride such as they have had in years past. I park to call the busline to find another park and ride, figuring it will take Cassie a few more minutes to arrive. But, I received a call from her while on hold with the busline, she was at Michael's, she said to come over and I could take her spot and hop in her vehicle. I drive for approximately 38-51 seconds, she backs out of her spot and as I'm waiting I take note that there is an open spot directly across from hers, not to mention several in the rows behind.

-We find another park and ride, this one at a church. Cassie informs me that that is where she went to church before going to HOM.

-I slightly need to go potty so as we are waiting I ask the park and ride guy if there is a bathroom open in the church. He looks at me and points in a random direction, then says something about a sattelite. I'm sure I had a quizzical look on my face b/c I did not know sattelite was another word for biffy. He informed me as much. I decided I could hold it. The old man came over later and looked at me intensly, apparently trying to determine how badly I needed to pee.

-Cassie and I take a seat on the bus, and the bus drives over to the HS. A mass of High Schooler's get on the bus. Taking the seats across from us are a young couple, the young lady wearing a nice blouse that enhanced her ample cleavage. I asked Cassie if she agreed that the young lady's shirt was rather fancy to be going to the fair where you walk around and eat greasy food, go on rides, play games, look at livestock, or just walk amongst crowds of gross sweaty people. We also pondered High School relationships shortly.

-We get off the bus and light a smoke upon arrival at the fair gates. I think about the possibility of running into my family.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I get to stay!

Olivia on my behalf suggested to our landlord that he should let me stay and lower the rent, and he was totally fine with that. We are darn good tenants, Olivia and I. So I no longer have to stress about finding an apartment, I don't have to pack and move, I get to enjoy my happy porch! I also have a roomate possibility for a couple months anyways. My car is fixed, all is right with the world.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So long sweet Olivia, I will miss you even though I have George and Lucy to keep me company, although Lucy doesn't talk much and George complains a lot. We will be intending for you to have a fulfilling time in europe, I look forward to hearing about your adventures there.

I'm starving, and hungover.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Jenni talked about how God will answer our intentions (or prayer) last night, my car started as proof of fulfilled intentions, unfortunately it won't start without a jump which is setting me back about $300. However, my car starting was enough to get me being more intentful with my intentions, hopefully.

Olivia, Cassie and Kevin, with whom we haven't spent quality time with in forever, went and saw Star Wars at the cheap seats, I hadn't seen it yet, and when Anakin turned to the dark side I cried, and continued to cry from then on although I didn't really care about Padme.

Friday, August 26, 2005

she's gone!!

The nurse I hate is leaving for vacation! Every time she asks me to do something I feel like a whiny child who wants to throw a tantrum. Her demeanor, the way she asks in that whiny annoying voice of hers....ahh, sweet relief for at least 2 weeks!! She just half-hugged me as though I want to be touched by her.

I pretty much have a hard time thinking about anything other than where I'm going to live. I have looked at several apartments, some cute but too much, some cute but taken, some fine but nothing special other than they are in my price range. I'm hoping to gather a person or 2 toghether to look at 2 or 3 BR since we'd get more bang for our buck. So far I've had a couple responses, so we'll see if that pans out. I'm truly obsessed.

I sold a pair of pants on Ebay, my first sell!! I also had a successful partylite party last night, although I got sweaty and had forgotten to deoderize as usual, damn it, I hope any odor doesn't deter those ladies from buying.

Slumber party tonight with the girls minus Jenni to see Olivia off in proper old times fashion, but it will only be like old times if we get silly drunk.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

nice visuals

at our staff meeting this morning, I learned a great deal of breastfeeding information, along with excellent demonstrations done on the nurses own breasts (with clothes on, to not give you the impression that there are exposed bosoms around here). I'm sure this will be very helpful if ever I find myself lactating someday.

surreal life

My coworker saw Flava Flav on her vacation.

I'm trying to read "Knowing Jesus" by James Allison, I'm having a somewhat difficult time understanding it. Of course I read it at the coffee shop which is kinda distracting, but I don't read much at home because I will usually opt for TV. I was hoping it would stimulate some brain activity but it is apparently over my head since I can't think about anything that has grabbed me, which dissapoints me becasue his lecture in person was so thought provoking.

I need a haircut/color, money, sleep and any suggestions on making stale tortilla chips unstale. Oh, and a fabulous place to live for Oct. 1st., and motivation to excersize.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Olivia and I agree that the people who live in our building are weird. There is our landlord, who may be on drugs, he's generally friendly and has always been a little strange, but is getting stranger now that we are moving out, shady like. Then there is the girl who lives in the efficiency down the hall and comes over to bum smokes sometimes. She's convinced that the landlord stole something from her apartment, and has been acting really strange lately. She asked me if I wanted to room with her but told Olivia that she needs to live alone, which is good b/c I'm scared of her, she is nice but seems really moody. I don't know if the hot guy that recently moved in upstairs is crazy, all I know is that he looks really good in running shorts and is gay.

Its probably a good thing I'm moving.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I have a knack for

spilling cold water on myself.

I need to stop my obsession with craigslist/looking for an apartment. Most apartments listed now are for Sept. and will probably be rented anyways before Oct. so I need to have patience.


Hey I think I found a place that might work!

"This is free rent to the right female! Looking for 18-35 years old. This can be a monthly free rent... What I need is a no strings attached "relationship". I am way to busy to have a girlfriend, but would be nice to have someone to come home and have some fun once in a while. send picture and we can talk."

I'm totally kidding, but I saw that on craigslist.

I'm feeling overwhelmed by options at the moment, should I live with someone? alone? where? who?

I had a surprisingly fun weekend with my family. My sister, brother in law, my 2 nieces and nephew were visiting. I love my sister and her family, but our relationship isn't as close as it used to be so I sometimes get dissapointed when I spend time with them, and I thought my nephew hated me. However, I got along fine with Ben, Elle and Jade are really fun girls, Tom insisted that I come visit sometime soon, or else take a trip to Canada with them. I was offered a room at my mother's house, which I tried to politely decline. We of course had to put in time at the Steele county fair, which brought back memories of my sheep shearing, steer/heifer wieldng 4-H days.

I'm pleased to learn that MS flava has started a blog of his own, which has been promptly added to my favorites links as ready bare chested, check it out, a former journalist with nothing and everything to say.

My brain is in shutdown mode, I feel like I haven't had hardly an intelligent thought in several weeks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


It has been revealed that our amazing buddy Beth will be on the next season of the amazing race!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


no more photos...for now anyways, some shots of our time in Chicago.

It is so good to have Cassie back, she adds an element to our friend group that can't be replaced, but now Olivia is leaving, so we have someone else to miss.


Originally uploaded by snielson.

Sally and MS flava

Sally and MS flava
Originally uploaded by snielson.

Beth, Sally and myself

Tim, Michael, and Sally enjoying some coffee.

Monday, August 15, 2005

new favorite

Last night I told a tale involving Fujipants, which included "Big Buck Hunter" and "hand job" at a church function last night. Then we went and played said game after watching Polka Luau at Mayslacks. That game makes me swear like a sailor...or a redneck.

Mrs. Sanders

Before we left my sister's, she had a deep concern for Mrs. Sanders, a foster cat, who was missing. She was not perched in her normal favorite spot on the shelf by the microwave, nor did she come out for the tuna treats. I hope Mrs. Sanders is safe.

Sally on dino
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Some gas station somewhere on the road.

rainy denver
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supposedly it never rains in Denver...myself(Shawnapants) and Fujipants(Sarah).

me and tedster
Originally uploaded by snielson.

Hanging with the Tedster in the red canyon, he's quite the ham.

me and fam
Originally uploaded by snielson.

Looking like I can stand to lose a few (I'll just blame it on elevation related bloating), and why do I look so awkward?, maybe the 16 hrs in the SUVizzle...that's me, nephew Teddy, brother-in-law Phil, and my sister Romaine, with ? in her uterus.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Onto Phase 2

A couple pictures of our first phase (Minneapolis to San Diego) coming to a close.

coffee and cigarettes

coffee and cigarettes
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we could actually smoke inside here, Sally looks very tan.


Originally uploaded by snielson.

At the great coffee shop in DT San Diego our last night there, this is a great shot of the 'ol schnoz.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am not angry at Sally for backing out on moving in with me, annoyed, yes (not with Sally, with having to move my shit again), dissapointed, definately. I know its not her personal vendetta against me or anything and I understand why she wants to move, and she is also a good friend that is willing to go out and have fun and try new things and I will miss her.

Thought I'd clear that up since I probably come off as being bitter and angry, when in fact I quite enjoy Sally.

On that note I have some showings next week for studio apartments. I'm almost positive I scheduled one of the the showings with the "lesbian" sex buddy of He who shall not be named, so I'm pretty excited about that opportunity to chat with her. And some girl emailed me asking if I possibly wanted to find something with her, although she has not gotten back to me so maybe she decided I was a huge nerd.

Good grief, I still feel disheveled from my travels, and people are coming and going and whatnot, I need a nap.

all of God's creations

A few pics from our time at the zoo in San Diego. We saw a Panda, but they did not have walruses which are my favorite, so I tried to get a good picture with the Polar Bear, which is another favorite animal, but there were kids everywhere that kept hogging the window space.

Don't worry, there are more pics to come....

Originally uploaded by snielson.

polar bear
Originally uploaded by snielson.

You can see the bear somewhere back there...there were kids crowded by the glass so we couldn't get a great shot. It's like, hello, I realize you are 10 and I'm 26, but I'd like to see the Polar Bear too, let someone else have a turn.