Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SoCal and small talk

Cripes, I seem to be addicted to reading goodreads reviews.

I've also become obsessed with the Salton Sea. As I mentioned Betsy and I stopped there on our way to Joshua Tree. At first we drove through some new development with cookie cutter homes that were incredibly cheap trying to find some shoreline, but had to drive a little further to the actual Salton City where we were directed to a beach area. We had been warned that the beach was not actually sand but instead made of fish bones. We drove past some rundown homes and a dilapidated store that may or may not be in business. On the beach were some shelters and grills that we gathered were not much used these days. The "sand" was not exactly fishbones, but what I later learned are crunchy white barnacles, although once we got closer to the water we did see a considerable amount of fishbones. A family appeared as we were perusing the decrepit landscape, and Betsy dipped her feet in the murky brown water, I, on the other hand was perfectly satisfied not making contact with the supposedly safe water. Later she had to rinse them off because they felt "weird".

We had to move on but were curious about the Sea so we did a little reading on it in a couple guidebooks which told us it was man-made and persisted due to irrigation runoff which is what makes it so salty, and also that it was a popular resort area. We could tell that it's popularity had waned since that book was written. I've been kinda fascinated by it since and just watched a documentary on it which explained the details on how it was formed and featured some of the quirky characters who remain living by the sea despite the change it has gone through over the years. I'm itching to go back now and visit the local bar and get a better feel for the place. Maybe I'll even go for a swim.

I could buy some cheap land there and make a home for myself. I mean, it is California and if they ever restore the sea like Bono (Sonny, not Bono of U2) had been pushing to accomplish before he died, I could end up banking on some fine real estate. Otherwise I'll just become an eccentric local.

Anyways, enought about the Salton Sea. I really hate small talk, especially when it limited to an elevator ride. I just cannot pretend to be interested, or I can try but it is painful for me. Could be my I hate everybody kind of day I'm having though, which is directly related to the fact that I have to do "insurance" today, which is my most despised job duty and something that I've just recently had to take on again because we haven't trained any new folk to do it. I hate my life.