Thursday, November 30, 2006

when 2 become at least 4

A not so quality picture of Dan of the Black Keys and 1 quality pic of both of Dan and Patrick who(m?) I had the pleasure of listening to last night at first ave. They rocked real hard, they were sexy, it was good (even with hipster girl dancing crazily in a jam packed crowd and creepy old dudes jumping around behind us).
It was also butt cold last night, went from 60 degrees to 10 in a matter of hours.
I feel lovelorn...Betsy and I had a frustrating conversation last night about men and women and basically "the game", which usually results in a lot of generalizations being bandied about regarding men and women and their attitude towards dating. I'm of the opinion that if 2 people hit it off making the next move (for either person) doesn't need to be this calculated 'I have to wait x amount of time', if the other person likes you they'll want to see you and hear from you and not be turned off. However if you or they are on the fence that is a pretty good indication of if you like the person, are you excited, indifferent, or hoping they won't call. From my vast experience in the dating realm is where I've gained my expertise, haha. We also talked about using haha, LOL, LMAO, etc. in email. I tend to use haha quite frequently to convey "I just said something funny, and I am chuckling", because well, I'm damn funny. Roommate Kathleen seems to feel all such additions to email text are irritating and convey the attitude that "haha, I'm so funny" in a lame way, hell, if you are funny you are funny. I walk around all day smiling and laughing to myself because I think about all the funny shit I say on a daily basis. However, this blog of late perhaps does not quite convey my wit. Oh jeez, another bit on dating sorta, I also talked to Emily at the show last night, Emily who set me up with her co-worker, and she said he said I was "nice"....NICE, excuse me, he was lame, and a lightweight I might add, and coming off my beer buzz on the way home last night I pondered this and got pissed in my post-buzz alcohol induced depression mode and shared my pissed-offedness with the rest of the car. Me, just "nice"...whatever.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

selfishness pt. 2

I was going to complain about people being selfish again, but I decided to restrain myself, since I too, am selfish often enough.

I played hooky from school today, deciding that I needed a day of rest and laziness, and so indulged in much needed sleep, movie watching and knitting, now I will finish my unfinished homework. There are so many things that I want to accomplish with my time, pretty up my home, look at some art, take in a movie, but so very little time to do it, and I feel like I'm constantly trying to be productive, which so goes against my innate laziness.

I'm pretty sure roommate Sarah hates me again, we were getting along kinda for a minute. Oh well, soon she will be moved out. I could just be overly sensitive too. We have yet to find a new roommate, nobody just quite meets up to our high standards of being extremely laid back, friendly, and have at least a moderate level of social competence enough to return a friendly greeting with perhaps a minimum of a smile, maybe even a short chat. Actually we offered the room to a girl and are waiting to hear back from her, she seemed to fulfill the above requirements. Meanwhile, Jake's friend/bandmate is going to live with us for the month of December. Speaking of roommate Jake's band, they are pretty good.

Friday, November 24, 2006

on selfishness and shed culture

Apparently there is a whole shed culture that I was entirely unaware of until yesterday, and my own father is part of it. He recently built a "shed" on the 'ol farm, which seems to be part shed, part personal fun space for my dad complete with big screen TV, pool table and probably a kegerator sometime in the future. So we're all chatting about the shed and what issues my dad has had with the contractor, and how they had toured other people's sheds something like a parade-of-sheds, and how one of his friends wouldn't give him a tour of his shed, and how my step-brother "pimped out" the shed to have the typical teenager party while the 'rents were out of town (and they classically came home a day early). Anyways, probably half of our dinner conversation revolved around sheds, they seem to be the wave of the future. There was also far more penis talk than I had expected (I expected none). Overall, I had a decent time with the fam, my dad is a pretty funny guy.

My teammates at school are greedy (actually mostly just Mary Kay), I mean, I can be greedy too when it comes to dividing up our classwork of the day, but I at least try to be fair instead of grabbing whatever the hell I want without regard to my teammates. Three weeks of class left, then I have 3 whole weeks off until next quarter, I'll be taking cake decorating, I want to make a mod cake.

I get to see Matt tomorrow and get a much needed haircut/color, I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm quite daft

I just saw/heard that quip used in studio 60 (actually my first time watching the show) it is something that I wish I could think of to sarcastically slip into conversation, and now it would only look contrived if I tried to. No matter, I'm witty enough as is.

Much fun occured last week seeing friends in punk/alt-country bands and our local doo wop band, stayed out much too late, was very tired. Our buddy Mike was adorable and funny, his cousin Matt was also adorable and talented, a good time was had by all.

Our roommate search has not quite panned out yet, but Sarah is moving out this week most likely, by sure by the end of the month.

Hmmm, I'm tired. I love ebay, and I just finished my debt management program, which means I have only one credit card left to pay off, after that is paid off I have other misc. bills to pay off, then I can hopefully put my focus on my student loan debt. I hate debt.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

not that there's anything wrong with that

So I'm pretty sure that my classmates think I'm homosexual. See, one gal in my class has somewhat more I guess typically "masculine" characteristics, and she seems to enjoy giving me random bear hugs in class, which makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, but I'm not assertive enough to say anything plus I don't want to hurt her feelings because she is a cool person and I do like her (but I don't like her, like her, I am into dudes). So, I made mention of this to my buddy Manda in the locker room after class and she was like, well, you know why she does that, insinuating that I clearly bring it upon myself because I'm into girls, and I couldn't tell if she was joking or not, so I was like no, I don't dig girls in that way, and then she said that she didn't really think that of me, but she has made allusion to the contrary more than once. Anyways, I find it interesting, like I really wonder if I send out some sort of vibe because I seem to be commonly mistaken for being on the other end of the spectrum, or at least somewhere in the middle.

Anywho, enough analyzing what other people may or may not believe to be true about my sexual preference, I know the truth and that is all that matters, so there.

I feel like a huge moron today, I overdrew my account because of mere stupidity. My car isn't moving because the gas pedal broke or something to do with the accelerating mechanism broke, which I'm hoping it won't be too much to fix. I just found out how much my car insurance is going to go up because of my other recently moronic behavior, and it wasn't to my liking.

Well, I had a good weekend though, Fuj. came for a visit, we reminisced and laughed, schwinged and schwanged, contemplated boys with good radio voices, etc. Ha, and tonight I'm joining Betsy to go hear Mike's band play, and Matt's band play, and my new friend Kevin is joining us. Oh, went out with blind date boy, definite lack of sparks, not an altogether unpleasant time, it met my low expectations anyways. And for those of my vast readership who are wondering whatever happened to the brit mechanic...we went out, I concluded that I was initially charmed by the accent and found him to be a nice guy not quite as attractive/charming at second meeting, I sorta rejected him and haven't heard from him since.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

be careful what you wish for

I totally jinxed myself by hoping that I wouldn't be put in a group with Mary Kay, because of course I was put with her. My other team members I don't know very well, but there's Anna, who's really quiet, has very few facial expressions, is short, and has her nose pierced but doesn't look the type to. She smiled twice yesterday so I believe progress was made. I didn't have to deal with Mary Kay directly so I wasn't overly irritated, in fact we are on our own a lot this quarter so I think I'll manage. I'm trying to have a positive attitude. My other teammate seems pretty cool, but I thought that of Megan at first until I discovered she was condescending and slow as molasses. I mean, I'm a fairly slow paced individual myself, but she was ridiculously slow, wanted to be too much of a perfectionist, and rarely did much for cleaning.

Anyways, on a less judgemental note...our roommate Sarah has had a slight resurgence in friendliness, well, she makes an effort to smile at me anyways, and she burned me Aimee Mann's latest album. Thing is, her potential new housing situation may fall through, so I believe she may be trying to butter us up in case she stays, because we've unfortunately not found a replacement quite yet. Actually Betsy had a little chat with her not too long ago about how all us of in the house are fairly shy and so when someone seems withdrawn, the other is just going to go about their business without making a lot of effort to converse with the withdrawn individual. I think she maybe understood that as is now trying to interact more.

I agreed to go on a blind date, apparently the dude wants to go bowling, not only have I not bowled in years, but I don't particularly enjoy bowling. I'm expecting very little to come of this "date", meanwhile I pine for various men who are unavailable.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

it's a great day for an accident

Yeah, it's a lovely late autumn day and I just rear ended a North Dakotan a couple hours ago. I'm feeling pretty stupid right now since it was due to me plainly not paying attention. I haven't been in an accident that was my fault since I was 18, but have been in a few others that weren't my fault, and I what I enjoy most is being insulted about how my car is a piece of shit, as if that has any pertinence to the situation other than that this dude's bumper (on his new Honda pickup), as he so graciously screamed at me, will cost more to repair then my entire car, and if I owned a vehicle as nice as his then maybe I'd drive more carefully. I thanked him for his insight as I picked my bumper off the ground and pushed it back in place, he adding more sound advice to "just duct tape it back on again". After he calmed down he did apologize for yelling at me and was actually quite friendly. A minor accident, but I'm guessing my rates will go up regardless, my good record has been tainted.

Roommate search is commencing, we have a couple of fairly promising candidates, well, we haven't actually met them yet though.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

outta here

I just found out that my loan got approved for school, thank goodness, I was starting to think that I was going to have to drop out and also owe them a large chunk of cash that I don't have. So, one less stress on my mind. Just finished my 2nd class, my finals went pretty well, we were required to choose recipes for 4 things and change 2 ingredients that we thought would improve the recipe, and mine actually turned out pretty good, I was pleased. Next week we start artisan breads for 6 weeks. We get to switch groups, which I'm quite happy with because even though I love my teammate Manda, the rest of our group was per usual, not up to our standards. In fact, I believe that is how her and I bonded, over our dislike of our other teammates. I'm quite afraid that I'll be paired with Mary Kay again though, which would be hell.

The incompetency at my workplace also baffles me. My loud, sometimes obnoxious, but usually friendly and hard-working coworker quit, so I am left to pick up her slack because others in the office are apparently too incompetent to do the work that is required of others, such as myself, who can actually perform fairly simple tasks relatively efficiently and without much difficulty. Frankly, it is quite ridiculous and I'm quite tired of it.

Sorry, I'm bitchin' today, had a long week, in fact haven't had a day off since the sunday before last and have to work this weekend too. Monday, which will finally be my day off, I hope to paint my room, not quite relaxing. Oh well, now that I know I'll be able to finish school I can quit being a nurses' bitch and hopefully do something I actually enjoy, like decorating cakes or something.