Tuesday, May 15, 2007

this, that, and the other

I'm currently listening to some Christian rock that I used to enjoy back in college, perhaps it'll kick start my lethargic soul, get that ember a-flamin', and I'll be a spiritual powerhouse, armed with delicious pastries and my Bible of course.

I think I've decided on the career path that I would like to pursue, cake decorating, which was definitely a draw when I decided to get into this culinary thing. Actually, I still have a lack of direction. I've got a mere 4 weeks left, which consists of going to my internship, which is going better by the way, I don't think the owner believes me to be a complete idiot anymore, still an idiot but not to the degree that he originally thought. Actually, he managed to throw out a couple compliments the past couple days I've worked there, and affirmed that I shouldn't take it personally when he tells me I'm doing something wrong. I'm simultaneously hoping that he'll offer me a job and hoping he doesn't.

I want to go on a variety of vacations this summer, like at least three. Of course I don't have the funding for this but I'll do my darndest.

If only I had my PFR albums with me.

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