Thursday, March 08, 2007

life is good

Other than the daunting final project I have due next week, life is moving along quite nicely, quite nicely indeed. I'm getting a hefty tax refund that will allow me to buy a slightly nicer beater than I had anticipated. Yeah, I've made the difficult decision to let go of the golf, she's had a good stint, stuck by me longer than any other car, and has maintained her quirky character. However, she's old, and I think it is time. Excuse me, I'm getting a little choked up at the thought....

Ahem, well, as I was saying, yeah, life is lovely, looks like I'll be able to pay off some bills I've been avoiding with this refund, school, though difficult, has been a lot of fun, my social life has been fulfilling, and the small amount of recent drama has been positively resolved. Yesterday at school I inadvertantly designed a dessert plate that had a, shall I say, phallic look to it, I was a tad embarrassed when my instructor looked at it and kinda chuckled and was like "umm, it looks like a missile, or uh, something". Then there was the part of class when we were playing with making sugar decorations, and chef Gary said that my classmate's decoration looked like a stomach, to which I suggested that our theme for our sugar showpiece project next quarter should be internal organs, which also got a good chuckle out of the class.

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