Thursday, March 01, 2007

do the right thing

Been a lack of blogging lately, I'd blame busy-ness, but really, it's mostly because I'm uninspired, like honestly, my brain is all mushy right now, for a variety of reasons.

Anways..had an awkward moment at the local shop last night. One of the regulars, a kinda gangly middle-aged fellow, was there last night, and he's very friendly, but makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, like always comes outside whenever I'm having a smoke, or makes sure to pass my table so that he can say hello, or tries to sit next to me when possible, I mean, I guess I'm wary of the older gents at the coffee shop since well, gee, I show a bit of friendliness and they seem to think I'll date them. So anyways, I'm cordial to this guy, but try not to engage in much conversation, but I'm not rude or anything. Well, I step outside for a smoke and well, there he is 2 seconds later and I'm thinking about stuff and therefore keeping to myself, and he asks me if he's offended me. I said no, but maybe I should have said, "no, but you make me feel slightly uncomfortable", in any case, it was really awkward.

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