Wednesday, April 25, 2007

flaws illuminated

So, I got the internship, today was my first day, and I think overall it went well, but yeah, being in a new somewhat nerve-wracking situation doesn't always make me rise to the occasion. I get shy and unsure of myself, my natural inclination towards putsiness increases, and I tend to screw up (b/c I'm unsure of myself). However, I came through without making any major mistakes, everything got baked and made to satisfaction, just not quite to the high standards of the owner, but I'm also there to learn and he certainly has no qualms about telling me where I need to improve. He's a little intimidating, but nice enough, could be far worse for sure, at least I was never sent into a puddle of tears or anything, I just got a little miffed when he clearly thought I was being slow (hey, it was my first day). I was pleased to find that I didn't hate it at all however, and rewarding when you know you are making good product and that people buy it and enjoy it. Everyone that works there is great and very friendly and helpful, so I hope once I get to know people and become more comfortable I'll show myself to be a competent individual, I just wish I was one of those people that could at least feign confidence, but alas, I am not.

Anyways, the next 3 weeks are well, hellishly busy until I finish my class and then can just focus on work and this internship. I feel squandered of my social life, but I just have to remain focused on the fact that graduation is near.

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