Tuesday, July 31, 2007

at last

Here I sit in my new home...Almost cried today when my old landlord said the oven wasn't clean enough, not for me, but for Jake and Kat who scrubbed that thing for a good hour. Yeah, felt a range of emotions last night, it's kinda crazy when moving, and you get to the final stages where you feel like all your possessions are breeding and you will never get everything moved and everything clean, and you feel really guilty for just chucking stuff into the garbage that could be recycled but you just can't care anymore. Then, everything is clean and sparkling and you wonder why the place became such a shithole in the first place, not that our place was a shithole, but it could have used a little upkeep. I'll miss my roommates and that house, I certainly had some good times there, it was a little college-ey, but hell, why rush into adulthood when you can pretend to be a recent college grad and have some fun. Yeah, I got a little choked up last night after Jake and Kat had left and I enjoyed my last cigarette on the 'ol smoking porch, where I spent much of my time. Enough nostalgia, I must attend to my bunions and read some Harry Potter.

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