Tuesday, July 03, 2007

the slump

The slump continues..I don't know, just one of those blue periods I guess, not debilitating, just enough to make me want to drink copious amounts of beer and watch endless amounts of angsty teen drama (a.k.a. Dawson's Creek). People (mostly my office co-workers) irritate with their small talk and calling me "miss" (which I loathe). I need to start exercising. My vacation helped, always good to see Fuj, and to get away from home for a few days. Maybe I feel like everything is in transition, and once I get more settled I'll feel more comfy in my skin. I don't feel all that fun and witty these days. When I get a little down though I like to revel in it, roll around in it a bit before I get my endorphins flowing again.

Man, you'd think MN, with all it's lakes (and assumed fish abundance), would have some decent inexpensive fish, but Olivia, Cassie and I searched and came up empty.

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