Wednesday, April 30, 2008

birth joy

Whenever I think about women giving birth I think about Oedipus. Anyways, speaking of giving birth, I'm so excited that my dear friend Jenni has birthed a little girl, mostly because now she can drink again, but also because there is a new little person who will probably be pretty cool. She looks kinda chinese and has lots of dark hair, pretty cute as far as (newborn-3 or 4 month) babies go.

Man, this weather is something else. I can't remember the last time it has been this cold and rainy on or near my birthday (Sunday, in case you forgot). Maybe the time I took my friends to Valley Fair in 6th grade. I also remember one year (or that year) my Dad making everyone bratwurst before our outing and nobody eating them even though they were perfectly fine brats, we were just fickle girls. Sometimes I remember those times when I was a royal snot to one of my parents and am filled with shame when I think about how they were just trying to do a good thing for me. I hope his feelings weren't too hurt.

But, I need to be an advocate for myself also.

And, I forgot my hot cocoa today, how disappointing.

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