Friday, August 29, 2008


Praise the Lord for creating the Everybodyfields, I am in love with them, have been for a few months now.

No rest for the weary, been a hectic coupla weeks, in a good fun-having sort of way. Was blessed to be able to go to Chi town last weekend to bask in the presence of Sally Poppins and MS flava. Camping this weekend in Madeline Island where we'll patronize the Island Oasis and hang with Bud. I'll get to be an honorary member of the Pupovac family which makes my cup runneth over.

Good thing I don't have children, although I'm thinking about starting a mommyblog regaling my experiences as a pretend mother with fictitious children.

Househunting again, yearly moves are surely draining. I enjoy looking for/at places though, unfortunately most places we've looked at so far have been a bit dissapointing. Mostly we've noticed just a general lack of upkeep with these places making them look kinda dingy, but do have some features that we like. Nothing has wowed us so far except a beautiful home in a nearby suburb that is flipping on a lake, but the location is just too tucked away for us. Ah well.

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