Wednesday, October 01, 2008

dead inside

I am a monstrous crab today, which can only be remedied by alcohol consumption. Alas, I am broke until friday and therefore have to drink what we have on hand, which isn't much.

I missed my blogiversary again, so happy belated blogiversary to me. To celebrate, I will probably go home and sleep because today I hate people, then wake up, drink so that I can tolerate being around people, then go to see Liam Finn and drink pabst on special.

Part of my crabbiness is being tired from moving for three and a half days, then needing to unpack and not having the energy or storage in our new home. Plus the landlord said we could likely paint and has now reneged and I abhor the color of my room, so I either will beg, or have to fabric my walls. Also, everyone seems smug about something or another that is just going swell while I meanwhile continue to hate my life.

I had an interview for a very part time job yesterday that I think I would really enjoy but probably won't get.

So there.

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