Friday, October 03, 2008

getting sacked

No, fortunately I'm not getting sacked, but my supervisor is, well, getting laid off is I suppose the nicer term. This is quite sad since she has been here a very long time and is a very sweet lady. My very best office friend is also getting sacked b/c now that our manager is gone we have to answer to the next higher up now, who happens to be her mother, which happens to be against policy. Also on the near horizon is a co-worker retiring and another going on maternity leave, and by the way, we are under a hiring freeze. So basically, the rest of us sad saps are going to be in rough shape in about a month taking on A LOT more work. Then I'll probably get sacked too which would totally suck, although maybe give me the ass-kicking I need to step it up, and hopefully a decent severance package.

Anyways, I keep thinking it is 2009.

The 'mates and I had our first cozy evening together in the new home, lighting up our first fire in the stove and watching the VP debate whilst imbibing on autumnal brews and eating fries with special Columbian mayo. The place is still basically in shambles with boxes hither and thither, but we've made somewhat of a dent.

After some much needed rest, I'm somewhat less crabby.

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