Friday, February 05, 2010


It's that time of year again. In a little over a week from now I will once again suffer through my JET interview. One would think that since I've been through it once, I would feel more prepared, but I don't. I can only hope that I can be a bit more relaxed and confident seeming, at least I have a better idea of what they might ask me, I think anyways.

I started seeing a shrink again. I don't understand what it is about shrinks that make me cry, but they get me every time. When I talk about the same issues with my pals who I'm more comfortable with I don't -usually- get weepy. Anywho, I've only seen her a couple times thus far, and once again, I feel like I'm just not cut out for therapy. I have such a difficult time opening up. This particular shrink claims she's less cognitive-behavioral (which I don't really care for), and that she will get to the "core" of my issues and who I am, which sounded fine by me. I must be pretty daft though, because during our last session she kept asking me where I think my negative self-talk comes from, so I say likely from my negative and not especially supportive family and growing up experience. This answer is apparently not good enough as she keeps asking me over and over again saying that she isn't me and therefore doesn't know, meanwhile, I can't come up with any better answer, and the shrink consequently tells me that I don't know myself very well. This may be true, but I felt offended, as well as a little stupid that I couldn't get what she was asking. Well, I guess I'll see how my next appt. goes. I seem to find something wrong with all shrinks though so I'll probably ditch this one too.

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