Wednesday, August 10, 2005

obsessed again

with finding an apartment, since Sally decided to leave me high and dry (insert Radiohead here) to pursue other....things. I will restrain from villifying her here on this blog since I did my best to make her feel guilty enough about it last night, just will state once again how I love my neighborhood and my happy porch and my cute room with its sink and our small but cute home, it will be sorely missed, and I'm trying to hold back the tears. I don't need a place until Oct. 1st, but of course I spent all morning looking instead of working, so I'm way ahead of myself. I will either have to live with strangers or find a studio apartment it appears, there seems to be options though, probably not with a happy porch, but options.

Thank you Michael for your part in satisfying my cheesecake obsession, it is quite tasty. I also recommend the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty nut granola bars, I'm obsessed with them as well.

And still obsessed with Ebay.

Saw my buddy's last night at the local shop for the first time since I've been back Shawn, Sammy, lecherous old man, my crush, and my potential good to see them all again. Lecherous old man gave me a book, which was nice I guess, he is a fine person, just lecherous.

Lots of changes, Cassie returneth tonight, can't wait to set eyes on her at Psycho Suzi's later this evening. Olivia is off to Europe in like 3 weeks or something, Sally is moving to the windy city.

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