Friday, August 05, 2005

the lovely midwest

Back in the midwest, Chicago. Packed in a lot of activity in the past couple days, mostly spent in the SUVizzle. Stopped in at my sister's with her horde of cats (at least 20, possibly more), a ridiculous amount of cats in fact. We were privelaged to sleep in the room where a mom and kittens were kept who apparently were ill and have diarrhea, that my sister didn't move until the last possible minute before we were going to sleep. Thankfully the incense and the open window eliminated much of the stench that was previously present. My nephew is great, very cute and funny and I also learned my sister is expecting again late October. Yes that is in 3 months and I just found out, prime example of the great communication in our family. We also went on a lovely hike at the red canyon and ate some Gyro's that were possibly contaminated. Yesterday we stopped in Denver to meet up with Fujipants, a nice city that Denver is.

So we are rested and ready to go out and about in Chi-town, sure nice to be back in the midwest.

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