Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am not angry at Sally for backing out on moving in with me, annoyed, yes (not with Sally, with having to move my shit again), dissapointed, definately. I know its not her personal vendetta against me or anything and I understand why she wants to move, and she is also a good friend that is willing to go out and have fun and try new things and I will miss her.

Thought I'd clear that up since I probably come off as being bitter and angry, when in fact I quite enjoy Sally.

On that note I have some showings next week for studio apartments. I'm almost positive I scheduled one of the the showings with the "lesbian" sex buddy of He who shall not be named, so I'm pretty excited about that opportunity to chat with her. And some girl emailed me asking if I possibly wanted to find something with her, although she has not gotten back to me so maybe she decided I was a huge nerd.

Good grief, I still feel disheveled from my travels, and people are coming and going and whatnot, I need a nap.

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