Monday, August 22, 2005


Hey I think I found a place that might work!

"This is free rent to the right female! Looking for 18-35 years old. This can be a monthly free rent... What I need is a no strings attached "relationship". I am way to busy to have a girlfriend, but would be nice to have someone to come home and have some fun once in a while. send picture and we can talk."

I'm totally kidding, but I saw that on craigslist.

I'm feeling overwhelmed by options at the moment, should I live with someone? alone? where? who?

I had a surprisingly fun weekend with my family. My sister, brother in law, my 2 nieces and nephew were visiting. I love my sister and her family, but our relationship isn't as close as it used to be so I sometimes get dissapointed when I spend time with them, and I thought my nephew hated me. However, I got along fine with Ben, Elle and Jade are really fun girls, Tom insisted that I come visit sometime soon, or else take a trip to Canada with them. I was offered a room at my mother's house, which I tried to politely decline. We of course had to put in time at the Steele county fair, which brought back memories of my sheep shearing, steer/heifer wieldng 4-H days.

I'm pleased to learn that MS flava has started a blog of his own, which has been promptly added to my favorites links as ready bare chested, check it out, a former journalist with nothing and everything to say.

My brain is in shutdown mode, I feel like I haven't had hardly an intelligent thought in several weeks.

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