Thursday, February 08, 2007

I used to be funny

It's done, the cake that is. I only stayed an extra 6 hours after class to finish it, only 3 hours after the other stragglers left. There was lots of swearing, whining like a small child, and near gushes of tears, those damn flowers kept breaking and at one point I barked to my instructor, who kindly asked how it was going "my flowers are ugly and I hate them". Well, my emotions have been running high lately, extremely busy and stressful schedule, not enough sleep or time to relax, money is tight, I had a bittersweet exchange with my love interest after which I got ultimately rejected (got the 'ol, it's not you it's me), and we're thrown into these projects for school with minimal time and minimal practice. I guess that's how it is "in the business", so I should deal if I want to be "in the business". So next week I start advanced pastry, which is sure to also be stressful, but at least we make ice cream. My cake turned out alright though, I'm not wholly satisfied with how my flowers turned out, and it looks sloppy if you look at it up close, but from far away it looks kinda cool, I'll post a picture. Art girl painted sappy pictures on her cake, it was actually really good. I don't dislike her as much as I did a couple weeks ago I guess.

On board for next week..start my new class Mon., seeing G. Love on love day, hosting book club (which means I have to clean) on thurs., as well as the option of seeing the love interest who rejected me play at a local bar. Jake and Betsy have a friend staying next weekend and therefore we're throwing a possible impromptu party thrown in his honor. This leaves me with minimal time to ponder deep things.

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