Saturday, February 03, 2007

trying my hand at a more positive attitude

I'm feeling a bit of stress as of late, big huge project due for school on wed. that will take up all my time until then, the project is designing a wedding cake for which we have to make "realistic" looking flowers out of gum paste. Gum paste is a nasty concoction of powdered sugar, glycerin, glucose, and a bunch of other stuff that is supposedly edible but would be gross to eat. Anyways, the stuff is fragile and finicky and I have yet to be successful at making one flower, not to mention my instructor doesn't seem too keen on my design in the first place, calling my ideas "bizarre". Well, not everyone wants a fluffy, flowery wedding cake, am I right? What's wrong with a nifty pattern in untraditional colors? Whatever, I will not allow him to stifle my creativity, and if it turns out to be shit I really don't care.

Yeah, I will rejoice when school is done, then comes the stress of figuring out what comes next. I was getting a little sad and sappy yesterday thinking of dispersing from Betsy, Jake and Kat (despite our differences), I have a ton of fun with these people and have made many cool new acquaintances in the past year or so since I met Betsy, makes me feel young again. Oh well, that is still a ways away, I shouldn't dwell on the sadness but live each moment to the fullest. Oh yeah.

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