Monday, February 19, 2007

pondering perceptions

How is it that people's perceptions on the same situation can be so utterly different? It makes me wonder if I'm delusional sometimes, when I hear someone's account of an evening, for example, a night of heavy drinking where I no doubt have made an ass of myself, and the next morning wake up thinking, "gee, I kinda made an ass of myself last night", and then I hear from someone else, oh yeah, you made a HUGE ass of yourself, whereas I was just thinking that it was my run of the mill ass behavior, more mild in my remembrance. However, one specific source also tends to embellish things, so then I have to this source reliable, or is this person actually giving an accurate account of the evening and it's my brain that is skewed, maybe I'm just trying to play down the embellishment to attempt to save face in at least my own head. OR, with the cleaning..I think I clean pretty regularly while not seeing other's make a ton of effort to clean. However, I may be feeding my fragile ego and deluding myself into thinking that I clean more, whereas they are thinking that I don't, so who is in the right? Then there is the relationship, where personal issues and past experience can skew perceptions of words and actions. It is all very confusing. So, if I am in fact, delusional, please let me know.

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