Sunday, December 10, 2006

amongst the living...missing my bed

Friday evening I regained a fair amount of functionality, slithered out of my bed, showered, and shuffled to the ATM to deposit check that would save me from financial despair, then to the grocery to pick up some nutrients. Had hoped to engage in some funfilled activity, but decided it would be unwise...damn age and wisdom...seeing as how I had to work this weekend and have loads of schoolwork sitting all neglected and forlorn in the mouse infested corner of my room. Yes..I came face to face with the vermin yesterday as I flipped on the light, more like face to nastly hairless tail and he scampered his way from whence he came into the hole in my floor, which I've now sealed with a flimsy piece of packing tape, haha, that'll surely deter the little beast. Then I made the mistake of attempting to eat at our office holiday party last night, I mean the food was tasty, but I'm not sure my stomach quite ready for that amount of digestion, not that anything terrible occured as a result, just a tummyache and general feeling of grossness. This morning the delirium hit, but I've somehow managed to choke down theraflu and am feeling just about up to snuff, until the drugs leave my body and I'm sent into a spiral of withdrawels and depression.

I thought I'd be ironic last night at the party, see, I signed up to bring a desert, knowing that everyone has high expectations from me seeing as how I'm in culinary school, (which I find semi irritating since I don't feel like I can necessarily bake better than most anyone else and I don't like expectations put on me). So I brought a bag of Lindt truffles. Really I was just too sick/busy this weekend to make something, but I felt a sense of triumph as well, sticking it those nurses..I don't pester them about the state of my boobs, crotch, or any other womanly issue I may have even though they are learned in that subject. People seem to think I love to bake in my free time these days, umm, not really, I like to relax, work on other hobbies/projects, have a social life, etc. I don't like to bake outside of school at this point, I'm too damn tired/busy. I must keep my eye on the goal though, this wednesday will be the last day of the quarter, then I will have a glorious 3 and 1/2 weeks off of school.

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