Thursday, December 28, 2006


Definitely one of those schlumpy/fat/ugly days. After a week or two of not feeling fat due to the illness during which I could not eat and consequently dropped a few pounds, am now feeling fat again due to holiday treats surrounding me everywhere I go. Have been looking in the mirror the past couple days and thinking ewww...face is pasty pale, tired looking, skin less than glowing. My ensemble today, unflattering pants and sweater pairing, faded green socks that clash against the green of my sweater, revealed by my too short pants, is not helping matters.

I'm tired due to loud neighbors waking me at 2ish a.m. Am determined however, to spend money that could be used towards my many unpaid bills, and instead feel like going on a shopping binge for new shoes. Then I will traipse home, try to tidy up the apartment a little since Lance moves in this weekend and thought it'd be nice if at least the bathroom(s) were clean, and I highly highly doubt that any of my roommates would take the initiative to clean well, anything. Jake takes out the garbage, so I absolve him of other household duties.

Holy balls, I just got rewarded at work for all my hard work, a reward that was given to only a few choice employees. Can't say I feel as though I completely deserve it, but hell, I'll take it.

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