Wednesday, December 27, 2006

nobody cares

I apologize if you are a person that believes that someone cares about how your holiday was, or someone that actually cares about how someone else's holiday was, however, I don't really care how your holiday was (unless you are a good friend, then I care), nor do I expect you to really care about mine, and yet that question flies about constantly post holiday and frankly it annoys me. Even if I sat alone and lonely, crying, about to ingest a bottle of sleeping pills I'd smile and say fine, and then not return the question. Ha, yet I blog about it as though someone out there may care, well, that's because my life is boring and I have nothing else to blog about, unless you want to hear about my financial despair, lack of self-confidence, how I get rejected by boys I like, yet gross, skeevy, old, boringly unfunny, or men who posess all aforementioned qualities seem to have undying love for me. So for that I apologize, and I do apologize if you are one of those persons who chippily ask how everyone's holiday was, and if you genuinely care, then good for you.

The days are supposed to be getting longer, increased sunlight leads to better brain functionality, energy and the like. The weatherperson said on the news last night that he doesn't expect it to get frigid cold until mid-late January, so I figure then we just have to get through February suckiness, March also usually sucks but at least you can see the end is near, those first inklings of spring come that give you that nice feeling inside.

My roommate confessed to not having a strenuous job (she's an intern). I've been recently annoyed lately by the fact that I'm usually the first out the door, the last home, and yet I find myself cleaning up after everyone while they sit around surfing the web. I'll give Betsy credit, when she was between jobs she tackled some projects and thoroughly cleaned, but guess who continued/will finish painting the cupboards? Ah yes, yours truly, even though I have one precious day off during the week, while everyone else works well under 40 hours. But you know what? I don't say a damn thing about it, just bitch about it here, and while chatting with friends, seems counterproductive now, doesn't it. I really love my roommies despite my annoyance.

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