Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I saw this guy I vaguely know last night while at the grocery store. I know him because I go to his art gallery pretty much every time it has an opening and I bummed him a cigarette once when at the local coffee shop so now he usually says hello to me amongst the crowd of pretentious art viewers, which is cool cause he owns the gallery and is all arty and stuff and he still makes a point to acknowlegde me. So we saw eachother, and said hello and such, he inquired about my weekend, you know small talky stuff, then I have to spend the rest of my shopping time avoiding him, because we'd already done the small talk thing which was awkward in the first place, but then to run into him again would be awkward again, so I was clearly avoiding him the entire time, now I feel like an idiot, like why can't I just be socially competent and carry on a conversation, or not be afraid of conversation, plus he's an artist, actually doing well for himself up in these parts, so he's not a bad connection to have. Oh well, I think the key is for me to be liquored up all the time.

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