Saturday, November 12, 2005

give it a try

Actually I've found that working hard is actually somewhat pleasant and rewarding. I leave work feeling like I've accomplished something and earned my wages. Besides which our whole team has really come together to get caught up on a huge amount of work that a few days ago felt like a lost cause, but we are making some serious progress and may get caught up even before we planned on. I think I was mostly feeling bad about getting in trouble, I'm kinda goody two shoesish or at least can pull it off rather well, so thinking that my manager may be dissapointed in me left me feeling bad, but she's cool as always and has made it clear that it isn't an issue anymore.

Time is flying it is already almost mid Nov., so much to do and little time to do it. I forgot both my parent's birthdays I just realized, I usually send a card or give a call, whoops. It's been so warm here still that it just doesn't seem like thanksgiving is around the corner, though that will be ending quite shortly I'm sure.

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