Friday, November 18, 2005

hooked up

I got Jenni's laptop hooked up with a wireless card (uh, Jenni, I'm still using your laptop by the way, hope you don't mind), so now I can go to my local shop and blog and surf to my hearts desire, with the added bonus of sideway glances at my unrequited coffeeshop love. I feel so technologically advanced now.

Had our first book club meeting last night which was a raging success and Cassie an excellent host as always. I got tipsy (for real tipsy, not drunk trying to pass of as tipsy as I'm prone to do) and reflecting upon the evening I may have been slightly obnoxious as I'm also prone to be when tipsy or drunk.

yay, Olivia guess what song is playing, that Janet Jackson song about the nice package that we used to belt out at Margarita's. If you even read this thing..what with all your european adventures your having.

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