Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the opposite of a totally rad?, totally bad

If all went according to plan, I'd be a quarter of a way to Colorado right now, arriving at my sister's in the mid-morn, but as usual, something stupid must happen to foil my happy plan, such as my driver's license being in a "pending" status, preventing me from renting needed mode of transport to traverse the open and/or mountainous road. Apparently there was a "glitch". This "glitch" seems to be a recurring problem that rears it's ugly head as inopportune times, like when I'm reuniting with my high school crush after a long separation, or when I'm supposed to reunite with siblings of yore and meet my niece. See, I was pulled over a few years back, because I was driving along on the freeway and was so rude as to not change into the next lane over when passing the cop and the unfortunate one he had pulled over prior to myself. I didn't have my insurance card on me so I went in to court with card in hand thus proving I was indeed insured at time of said incident. Clearly there was much going on in the head of the clerk and she failed to put a red check next to my name, or whatever the procedure is to indicate that I had done my part. Fast forward to a year later, I'm driving from Brenda's daughter's birthday party to meet my aforementioned crush, who I hadn't seen in a couple years. It's cloudy and sprinkling a bit so I have my windshield wipers going periodically, but unfortunately it hadn't occured to me to put on my headlights, since it was mid-afternoon. So I get pulled over for this reason, not having my headlights on. I'm informed that my license is suspended and that my car will be towed. So as soon as I drive myself back to MplsI again go to the courthouse and argue my case, all is well, or so I thought. Fast forward like 3 years later, to today, I go to budget rental to pick up the car and get on the road and well, my license is denied. I panicked, thinking it was my unpaid parking tickets and cursing my irresponsibility, questioning my stupidity at choosing to sleep in instead of getting my ass to yes, the courthouse, to get those taken care of. So I call to get the scoop and see what can be done, am put on hold for a good hour, and am told it's this "glitch" from a few years ago, that I'm actually o.k. to drive even with a "pending" license, but try telling that to the budget people. The lady, who is very helpful, tells me she'll go to the appropriate people to rectify the situation, but that it usually takes 24-48 hours, well, by that time what's the point, and I explain as much and she offers to get on it and will tell them to fix it ASAP. I call a couple hours later and I'm now "valid", so again I go to budget, but no dice, I have to call the corporate office to get it cleared and they don't open til 8 a.m. So here I am, at the local shop after an intense episode of the amazing race (go Bransen's, you kick ass!), and some bonding with Betsy watching SATC, intrigued by this woman that my current crush is sitting with, wondering if they are "together", oh the torture, oh what a shitty day!

At least it only took 15 minutes to fix my chipped tooth, not chipped by biting on something hard, or even firm, but by flossing.

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