Monday, November 07, 2005

who done it?

The murder mystery party was a good time, I mostly just laughed at others rather than being very much in character (Sadistic nurse Sally). Olivia...wish you coulda been there. It was much better than the party I attended friday night at my co-workers, other than Lori and Angela (who though she talks too much much of the time, I still enjoy her company) it mainly consisted of Holly's high school friends. I'm pretty amazed at how connected they have all stayed, not venturing much beyond the suburb they all grew up in. In any case I usually feel a bit out of place at her shindigs, though at one point there were 4 gals from the same high school working here due to Holly, so I do know them.

Wow, nothing but excitement and intrigue going on in the depths of my mind...

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