Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a poll and a goal

First, the poll....I realize that myself and like 2 or 3 other people read this here blog, but if anyone who may happen upon it by googling partylite sucks or marky mark wants to add there 2 cents, I'd appreciate it. My question...Is it better to host a party on Friday or Saturday evening? I'm of the opinion that Saturday is the more ideal day, one has the whole day to prepare, most people have Sat. off so they are more rested and rarin' to go, I personally often enjoy an evening in Friday night after a long week, but Sat. I can muster the energy for funhaving. My roommates, specifically Betsy and Kathleen, are in the Friday camp, Betsy claims that she gets excited to go out on Fridays and likes to keep her Saturdays more low-key, and they feel more people make an appearance on friday. I'm not buying it, and I don't want our place to look like a dump because nobody's taken the time during the week to clean or prepare. Plus we are having a theme and that gives folks an entire afternoon to dress appropriately. Anyways, I'm sure to be outvoted unless someone backs me up here, though I want honest opinions, however, I expect zero response anyways.

My goal is to paint my room on Saturday. This has been a long-standing goal, and the more time that passes, the stupider it seems to paint a room that will have to be repainted in 6 months. So, if I do not accomplish this goal by January 31st, I will deem myself a failure and my room will be white and bland.

I have sore and stiff legs as a result of making a fool out of myself on New Years Eve. Besides my embarrassment the following morning, I had a wonderful time per usual in the windy city, got the royal treatment from hosts MS flava and Sally, smoked a little, drank a little, ya know how I roll. Pics to be posted soon hopefully.

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