Thursday, September 08, 2005

away from home

In an attempt to get our data entry caught up we have been displaced to another office building more free of distractions such as phones, annoying nurses, a more watchful eye to deter any unneccesary web surfing. Nice actually, I feel like I'm accomplishing a worthwhile amount of work. Other than butting heads with co-workers over music selection (my taste in music being impeccable of course), and the cold it is quite lovely here. Clean, nice colors, windows, quiet instead of the dump where I work.

I have a new roomate named Betsy, won't meet her until she moves in in a couple weeks since she is in Montana right now. I haven't lived with anyone I've not known since freshman year of college, but from our brief conversations she sounds nice and laid back, hopefully we will get along fine. Considering roomate hell of last year not much can be worse.

The cat peed on the church curriculum for some reason, I realize I changed litter brands on them but that was a few days ago and they seemed to adjust after the peeing in my clothes basket incident. If it was George, I had wondered if he was possesed the other day, the way the light was hitting his eyes made him look psychotic, and he kept making this odd sound. So perhaps the demon that has taken over George's small body just doesn't want children to learn about Jesus.

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