Friday, September 16, 2005

Hey Olivia

Does the naked squirrel man have curly gray hair?? If so he's been lingering on the sidewalk near our house or across the street. Last night he was across the street just staring at the yard, house or tree, it was bizarre (yet fascinating), not that I expect normal behavior from the guy.

For the rest of you: Naked squirrel man is a man that lives in the second floor of the apartment building next door. He often leaves his window open in hopes that he will befriend a squirrel. He has a squirrel feeder by the window and gets angry at pigeons who try to partake in the squirrel food. I have never been witness to his nakedness (only shirtless), but Olivia has had the pleasure twice or thrice, apparently the window perfectly frames his manhood from the nipple line down to mid-thigh.

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