Monday, September 26, 2005

so yeah

Well, I posted this tongue in cheek ad on craigslist personals about being homely looking for smokin' hot guy who makes cheesecake and I mentioned that I have a nice rack. So I got several was quite a witty post really. Anyways I met up with a guy yesterday for brunch, we had exchanged some pretty good emails. So although he isn't quite what I had expected I had an overall good time and he seems to like me. This is my first experiment with internet type dating or whatever so I'm just trying to have fun with it I guess. Coffee shop guy is either uninterested or something so I've kinda given up on him.

U2 was awesome, it was quite thrilling to be in their presence.

Betsy is cool, I haven't been home much to hang out with her and so the getting to know her is going a little slow, but she's very nice and laid back.

I must go home now and laze about.

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