Tuesday, September 06, 2005

buffalo pals

Part 3: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

-Upon arrival at the barns, we noticed a barricade made of a trailor and a man explaining to us that the barns were closed because they were changing the animals. No big pig for us.

-We walked by the dairy barn which sells excellent milkshakes. I pondered getting one, but was feeling the aftereffects of the deep fried snicker, which on its own does some damage. Add a milkshake to that and I don't even want to know what I'd be putting my body through.

-There was no bonsai or orchid display in the horticulture buiding, a dissapointment, but we did not despair. We admired some displays, some of which were done by Sarah's previous employer. I had a heck of a time looking at the flowers that had been in competition, espedailly the theme display's like dinner time, or fireworks, and other random categories.

-Onward to the Fine Arts buiding, feeling the time crunch. Having had my own submission to the State Fair show rejected a few years back, I always am interested to see what meets their standards as a fine piece of art. I learned that if I do a cheesy painting of a young lad sitting in the grass with his faithful friend, not only will my piece be accepted, but it will receive an honorable mention.

-With that said there was a fair amount worth seeing, and it was dissapointing that it closed before we were able to thoroughly peruse the entire building.

-Bull Bites and a beer were calling out to us with their siren song. Having already spent far more money than I had budgeted, I passed on my own order and just munched on Cassie's generous offering to share. As I finished my honeyweiss, I went to catch the tail end of the Temptations cover band they had in the bandshell, hoping to see some good dancing. I was more entertained by the random crowd and the number of middle aged women bustin' a move.

-Thankfully Cassie agreed to go to the Haunted House with me. Normal haunted house type stuff to make you scream and get your heart racing. Some dude whipping a chain that wouldn't let Cassie by until she asked him, and a scary swamp monster that was well concealed were the most memorable.

-It was late and we were worn, tired, but not hungry. The delimma was now the bus ride back to the car. This time we had Coby and the stroller. Sarah and the babe were forced to the back of the bus by the crowd while Cassie and I were left to listen to drunk obnoxious teenagers.

-Finally the bus stopped at the church, and someone kindly helped Sarah get Coby off the bus. I was dropped off at my car. We wished eachother goodnight.

The end.

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