Friday, September 02, 2005

I would use that except its already been used. But really, I read back upon recent entries and feel they are rather....mundane. They might be of interest to my small group of friends but even then I don't know. Last night as we were piling into Cassie's new ride, excited that baby Coby's stroller fit in the back of her scion, I said, "I'll put that in my blog", which I just did, also stating that it would probably be more exciting than what I usually write on here.

Here's a step by step synopsis of our time at the Great Minnesota get Together a.k.a. the State Fair.

Part 1: The Quest

-Cassie and I are back and forth on our cell phones, trying to figure out where to meet b/c she's stuck in traffic, I suggest the Har Mar b/c I believe they have a park and ride, she agrees to meet there in front of Frank's, but she really means Michael's.

-I stop at good 'ol M+S coffeehouse since I was in the vicinity and hadn't checked it out since they remodeled. Hilde and Mark were there and I said hello. The interior was shockingly different, if I didn't have such fond memories of what M+S was I would think it was nice, but instead I felt some dissapointment. I got a coffee however, and noticed they had some delectable new treats. I made note of that and decided I would give the new M+S a chance in order to taste said treats.

-I figure I should bust to the Har Mar, I get there and there is in fact, no park and ride such as they have had in years past. I park to call the busline to find another park and ride, figuring it will take Cassie a few more minutes to arrive. But, I received a call from her while on hold with the busline, she was at Michael's, she said to come over and I could take her spot and hop in her vehicle. I drive for approximately 38-51 seconds, she backs out of her spot and as I'm waiting I take note that there is an open spot directly across from hers, not to mention several in the rows behind.

-We find another park and ride, this one at a church. Cassie informs me that that is where she went to church before going to HOM.

-I slightly need to go potty so as we are waiting I ask the park and ride guy if there is a bathroom open in the church. He looks at me and points in a random direction, then says something about a sattelite. I'm sure I had a quizzical look on my face b/c I did not know sattelite was another word for biffy. He informed me as much. I decided I could hold it. The old man came over later and looked at me intensly, apparently trying to determine how badly I needed to pee.

-Cassie and I take a seat on the bus, and the bus drives over to the HS. A mass of High Schooler's get on the bus. Taking the seats across from us are a young couple, the young lady wearing a nice blouse that enhanced her ample cleavage. I asked Cassie if she agreed that the young lady's shirt was rather fancy to be going to the fair where you walk around and eat greasy food, go on rides, play games, look at livestock, or just walk amongst crowds of gross sweaty people. We also pondered High School relationships shortly.

-We get off the bus and light a smoke upon arrival at the fair gates. I think about the possibility of running into my family.

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