Monday, September 12, 2005

don't let me down

I burned my tongue on my pot pie, I guess I should feel lucky that I have a tongue.

I just learned that I no longer have a concert going friend to see Bono I'll probably be rockin' out by myself with strangers, excellent.

Maybe I should wear false eyelashes, just for fun, along with our previous wig wearing plan.

Annoying nurse has returned from her trip, a much needed break. She demonstrated an italian kiss on me, she didn't actually kiss me but got a little closer than I would have liked. I'm not a touchy feely sort by any means so I value my personal space. She did bring chocolate back so I will cut her some slack.

Things are progressing nicely with my coffeeshop crush. I would go into further detail but have an irrational fear that he or someone that hangs out at the shop reads this, highly unlikely, but possible (since someone googled the shop name and got to my site), and then my crush would be revealed. Not that I'm not easily read anyways, since I'm a general dork, but even bigger dork around someone I like. In any case we have plans to hang out outside the shop realm this week.

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