Friday, September 16, 2005

I won

I am the winner of going on a blind date to see Coldplay and Rilo Kiley tuesday night, apparently writing in complete sentences is a good thing. I love craigslist, I've found a roomate, rugs, lamp(s?), a date and free ticket for coldplay, free TV stand and potential table all in the past couple weeks.

Went to the Walker last night with Cassie and Eli, for the first time since they remodeled it to see the Chuck Close exhibit. Ran into old high school acquiantances, college acquaintance and our painting prof at Bethel. Did a fun project where we could manipulate a polaroid picture of ourselves.

I'm practically falling asleep at my desk, I have been staying up later than I should, and there is a variety of noises the cats make throughout the night that wake me, like scratching the plastic of the litter box, and Lucy needing love every morning between 5:30 and 6 a.m., she ignores me at any decent hour. Last night was kind of a bizarre night as well and I didn't sleep well, thinking about stuff.

What is going on with my coffee shop love interest you ask? A whole lot of nothing...well, I felt mildly rejected the other day, just mildly. I can't read him very well, but we seem to at least be in buddy status, and that's cool with me.

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