Sunday, September 04, 2005

where are you?

I spend 2 full weeks with Sally after not seeing or hardly talking to her for a couple months, then she up and moves to Chicago and hardly keeps in touch. Sally, where's the love??

My coffeeshop crush did a little freestyle rap about me yesterday. I found it to be quite endearing. Now to continues the saga of our fair experience.

Part 2: The Food

-After Cassie and I get our $9 tickets and go through the gates, I head to the 4-h building to use the restroom and she heads over the the 3rd Lair to meet up with Sarah, Nixon, Coby and Emily and to find an ATM. The 4-H building is eerily quiet and I wonder why no one is looking at the exhibits, one of my favorite fair activities. The bathroom is nice and clean however.

-I walk over to the 3rd Lair and sit down with Nixon, Coby is in his stroller fascinated by a pinwheel, and Emily is marching around with a furry hat. Nixon and I exchange pleasantries and wait for Sarah and Cassie to return.

-Sarah and Cassie get back, and Sarah needs to feed Coby, Cassie and I are also hungry so off we go. I coerce Cassie to go to the Food building, she looks less than thrilled. Several options catch our eye, but we ended up being torn between the Sausage Sisters and Walleye on a stick. We put our heads together and formulated a plan. We would share the Sausage Sisters, and each get our own Walleye on a stick, then would maybe get cheesecurds later to share

-Perfect timing as we meet back up with Sarah, who had just finished feeding Coby. Nixon and Emily had gone, so it was us girls and the baby. Items on our agenda are as follows; Horticulture building (hoping that the bonsai and orchids were on display), Fine Arts building, the big pig, and I had my heart set on the haunted house.

-On our way to the horticulture building we spy the deep fried candybar booth. Cassie and I had already discussed our want for a deep fried snickers, and Sarah expressed interest as well. We each purchased our treats, and after biting into the sweetness decide we must get the all you can drink milk. We delayed our trip to the horticulture building and forged on to the milk booth.

-On the way I brag to Cassie and Sarah about my 4-H achievements at the Steele County Fair. Champion Indoor Gardening (yet these days I have difficulty keeping plants alive), Reserve Champion fine arts, Reserve Champion photography (but my dad actually took the picture, well, practically), Grand Champion market lamb, to name a few.

-Upon our arrival, co-worker Alyssa surprises me with baby Leah strapped to her stomach, and gets me excited about milk. Introductions are made and she and I bitch a little and exchange a bit of office gossip. Since I was going to be working in another office the next day, we planned to correspond via email, as she had a story to tell me that was apparently innapropriate to talk about right then.

-Sarah and I partake in 2 glasses of ice cold, refreshing 2% milk, Cassie did not partake of the milk.

-Since we were close to the barns we further postpone the horticulture building in hopes of seeing the Big Pig.

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