Monday, July 17, 2006


Somehow a huge wasp got into our apartment, which I noticed was flying around the kitchen when we first moved in a couple weeks ago. At the time I thought, "that's gross, and it could sting" but made no attempt to rid our home of the insect. So of course in the past couple days it makes its way to my room and decides to put down roots, which I thought once again was disgusting and a little scary, but I had a lot going on over the weekend and figured it would either leave, die (how long do those things survive anyways?), or I would have to figure out some way to get rid of it. After a restless night trying to sleep in the sweltering heat with only a tiny fan for relief, as well as hearing the nasty insect flying around my room, I woke up prior to the break of dawn to get ready for school and there he was, on a pair of shorts within my reach. I wasn't sure how to approach catching him without getting stung, and in my hesitation he flew to the window and started to crawl around. I was afraid that if I took a swing with my shoe and missed, that he would get pissed and come after me. I asked roommate Jake his opinion on the effectiveness of spraying the insect with Clorox Bleach kitchen, tub and tile cleaner, he affirmed with a shrug and a nod, so I sprayed the sucker down. This only resulted in weakening the insect and I watched in horror as he stumbled around and then managed to fly. I thought to myself, "great, now I've got a bleach covered wasp flying around", but he didn't get far and fell back to the windowsill. I grabbed the nearest sandal, and while shrieking girlishly I beat him down with no mercy until he was on his back with one leg flailing wildly. Shaky from battle, I retrieved some paper towels, worked up the courage to pick him up while struggling to not imagine his insect nastiness soaking through the paper and onto my fingers, and flushed him. I hate to kill one of God's creatures like that, but for every season ya know. The little bastard made me late to catch my bus, but I still made it to class on time.

Geez, a bit of crabbiness aimed at me lately at work, one of the nurses who is usually pretty kind is taking her stress out on me even though I'm merely doing my job as I'm supposed to. It's like, I'm stressed and tired and crabby too but I still manage to remain pleasant. I'm truly sick of being treated like a 2nd class citizen because I'm just a support staff, I've got as much or more education than a lot of these jokers, and it isn't as though I couldn't be a nurse if I wanted to, puh-leeze. Yes, I like to stew in my bitterness.

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