Thursday, July 20, 2006

falling short

My goal to work full time has fallen a little short, like 10 hours short, I feel like a failure. I also haven't felt this level of exhaustion in quite some time for such an extended period of time. I could really just use a night to lay around and do homework, but no, we are having a freaking housewarming party tomorrow. During discussion of possibility of having said party, I stated that I was feeling a little overwhelmed, and though have made some progress in unpacking my room, would not have it unpacked to my satisfaction, etc. and hoped we could do it later. But no, majority ruled, and there is no rest for the weary. Oh well, I'm sure once I've had some whiskey it'll be smooth sailing, and I've just decided not to care if there are some unpacked boxes and things aren't all pretty in my room, and I haven't been expected to help make the common areas look decent.

Well, I haven't done much other than learn the complexities of bread making. Next week is gonna be a good one, danishes and croissants and stuff, yum.

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